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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Next Door Male – Dallas Bleu

With a hard, sculpted body and soft, angelic eyes, Dallas Bleu appears to be too good to be true. Stealing a behind the scenes look at the making of his photoshoot, we see Dallas’ natural personality poking through… and speaking of poking through, the bulge in Dallas’ shorts is also worth noting. Watch as this buff Colorado stud peels off his tiny blue skivvies, before taking up position by an open window, as he runs his hands up and down his body in the sunlit afternoon, before reclining in the window seat and spreading his legs for the task at hand, where he flogs himself into a milky white conclusion to an altogether dreamy escapade.Enjoy!

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Cock Virgins – Post Scrum

Andrew just got back from his winning game and his buddy has called him seeing if he wants to hang out but first he needs a quick shower and he needs to rub one out. Andrew puts the phone down and immediately starts to rub his chest and take his clothes off showing off his physique. He rubs his cock through his gym shorts which is made out of that soft nylon material that feels extremely good on your hard dick. He wraps his gym shorts around his dick and uses it to stroke himself as the fabric rubs against his hard cock and the pre cum oozes out from all the friction and no release. He then wraps his jersey tightly around his cock and balls and begins to fuck through it making him blast a warm nut all over his chest.

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Active Duty – Riley & Shea

Today three of your favorites are back and reporting for duty! Me (behind the camera of course), along with Riley and Shea who are also returning to the fold after a long absence. Riley is gorgeous as always, with that baby face that is so irresistible, right on down his near perfect body to his muscular, thick and delicious legs. Shea was my prize after hunting down gorgeous guys at the sporting goods section of my local Walmart, and I knew I’d have this trophy mounted soon by7 someone or vice-versa!Today is the first time I’ve seen the edited version so I’m going to watch it right along with you and rather than bore you (and keep my hands busy with the keyboard) with a play-by-play, I’m not even gonna say a word. This one speaks for itself and I’m sure after we all watch it, we will be too damned out of breath to do anything except for to raise both thumbs in approval!

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At CFNM.net, when Charlie was sent to see the school headmistress he was terrified he'd be expelled for secretly pleasuring himself. He tried denying any wrongdoing but unfortunately for the young lad, his mucky pants gave him away. He thought he'd gotten off lightly when he was told he'd be going to see a doctor. But he wasn't expecting it to be a female doctor or that she’d order him to strip down so his penis can be examined.

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It was traumatic enough for Lucas when the doctor pulled his trousers and underpants down so a doctor can openly examine his penis and testicles. But now things have got even more embarrassing when a girl from school comes marching into the room. He’s one of the hottest boys in school and now here he is with his sexy body fully exposed!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net, the doctor has quickly ascertained that now that Charlie is masturbating he doesn't want to do anything but pleasure himself all the time. The only thing to do is supervise the emptying of his balls so that this boy can get back to concentrating on his studies. He's also been ruining too many pairs of pants so the doctor demonstrates an ingenious way to capture all that sticky white semen. The shame of being masturbated and releasing his sperm in front of these three men will permanently be imprinted in his memory.

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At TheCastingRoom, if you’ve ever had a DILF (Dad I’d Like to Fuck) fantasy – Leandro is for you. He’s a mature, highly-sexed swarthy man who likes to take command and has bisexual leanings. Sporting a broad hairy chest and he has an arse which has never been fucked before. This insatiable brute is tempted to make some man on man videos and experience some role play. Here he reveals all his most intimate sexual experiences and fantasies before fully displaying his body and being instantly cast in his first man on man film!

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Introducing sadistic school bully Master Charlie at BrutalTops who is the most natural, ruthless top we have ever featured on Brutal Tops. Wearing his uniform, the snarling vicious youngster menaces his defeated worm-like sub elliott and humiliates him like never before.

Ordering him to strip off his clothes, Charlie thrashes the sub with his belt and pushes him to the ground so he can lick clean the top's filthy shoes. Then the Master pulls off his clothes to reveal muscular, hairy legs and stinky feet which the sub has to run his tongue over to get clean and thereby comply with the top's barked out orders.

Then the sub produces a huge dildo which the dribbling, quaking sub is made to suck until he can get no more down his worthless throat. According to the top's demands, the dildo is next rammed up elliott's saggy arse and this excites Charlie who pulls his cock out from his bulging white underpants and orders the sub to lick. With his dick rapidly hardening, the Master pumps into the face of the embarrassed sub and makes him face up to the fact that there is nothing he can do to prevent further degrading treatment.

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