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Saturday, May 7, 2016

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At CFNM.net, Tarquin has been changed by his experiences in Mrs Barcliff's office. Previously he thought the world owed him a living and that he could behave just as he pleased. But having been made to strip stark naked and submit to an intimate examination, his entire personality has changed. Now a sniveling shadow of his former self he can do nothing but accept his fate at the hands of the stern bank manager.

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At CFNMTV.com, Ian is a broken man - his ass and dignity both in tatters. He thought being made to hawk his ass on the streets was bad enough but this is a million times worse. He desperately hopes for release from this cramped and dingy cell. But little does he know what awaits him on the outside.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net, it's Shane's first day and the lawyers plunge him right into work when a new client enters the office. The client Aiden makes alarming claims about sexual misconduct, but the lawyers need to understand exactly what happened to the aggrieved party. Shane plays the stand in and is shocked to see how thoroughly the men go in their recreation. The dumbfounded lad desperately tries to cover himself but his hands are batted away by the insistent pervy lawyers.

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Ever since his initial audition we’ve been aching to get our filthy mitts on sexy stud Nathan. This is a hot trim-bodied hairy Italian fucker. He’s a natural top. We definitely want to see him being nasty and dominant, but we also want to test whether he can be versatile enough to be a submissive cocksucking bitch for us. Nathan is definitely up for it. As soon as the clothes come off Nathan drops to his knees to work on his oral. He’s a real eager pup, but getting fucked proves more of a challenge. Nathan has a very tight hole and even after some tongue lashing and plenty of lube it takes time to plunge in deep. He’s a trooper and Dave gives him a good long shafting. His face looks very hot with sperm getting caught in all that scruff. Next Nathan gets his own back getting sucked and drilling into Dave allowing his natural dominant side to come out. Nathan takes well to training and direction. With some work this boy could be a real superstar!

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At BrutalTops, snarling chavy Master Ross makes a welcome return to thrash and humiliate this pathetic old faggy sub.

On his knees and completely naked, the dog-collared runt is ordered to lick clean the filthy trainers of his Master. When the top isn't happy with the sub's work he screams abuse and then thrashes the ass of the feeble sub with a leather belt. The pain inflicted on the sub excites the Master and the mistreatment he dishes out gets more and more vicious.

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