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Sunday, May 8, 2016


In the new video at CFNMTV.com, pervy boss Nick Groves is interviewing for a new secretary. The only problem is, all the women sent by the agency are in his opinion 'fat, ugly bitches.' So when the beautiful and voluptuous Janet Smithers arrives he thinks his luck has changed. He decides it will be nice to have something pretty to leer at to relieve the stress so agrees to see her right away. But the tables are soon turned and sexy Nick is the one stark naked being taken advantage of!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net, Derek must go from gentleman to gentleman exposing his body for their perusal. Even while the buff coach is stark naked and presenting his asshole for inspection, business still continues between the suited men. Derek wants to ensure he seals the deal so invites them to feel inside his taut anus. He's willing to be used in any way they wish in order to get the job.

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It’s hot when a fresh guy comes into TheCastingRoom who is a complete slut and can’t wait to get stuck in. Enthusiastic Mike is a willing and ready submissive guy who loves showing off. Exhibitionists make the best models because they want to spend all day naked and being looked at. If Mike could have it his way I bet he’d spend the afternoon tied ass up on my desk. He has quite a tempting bumhole too so this might be a good alternative for him if the whole vague customer service job doesn’t work out.

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At BrutalTops, vicious, handsome Master Lionel returns to piss into the mouth of his defeated worm-like sub.

The stinking liquid floods into the sub's mouth before the Master orders the sub to submissively turn around and open his arsehole. The powerful top then fucks the living daylights out of the sub until he can hold back no longer and spunks his jizz into the runt's open mouth.

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Hetero Dale can't get it into his thick head that he won't be fucking anyone anymore. He's the one who will be fucked from now on. More than that we want this macho straight prick to work to turn us on. In sports gear with his muscular legs in a spread eagle we bury our faces in the masculine scent of his ass and hump him over his sheer footy shorts. Dale continues to swear at us not wanting us anywhere near his bum. We'll teach this fucker to allow us to take our pleasure! Derek lashes his ass causing the bastard to buck and ferociously cry out beneath his gag. Soon angry red welts rise up on that peachy bum.
Dave enters to play the good cop, rubbing his sore cheeks and cover him in oil. Now his rubbery asshole looks like a proper sloppy cunt ready to be fucked. He rams his fingers into Dale's inviting ass. We need to clean out this filthy hetero's insides. His sphincter is opened with a speculum and Dave fills him up with icy water. Now his guts are full to bursting and the water is held inside with a buttplug. Receiving more spanks to his already burning ass Dale feels himself taken to the brink like he can't take anymore. It's absolute agony for Dale and he whimpers pitifully willing to agree to anything to make this extreme punishment end.
Dave squats over Dale's face and orders him to stick his tongue out to clean his sphincter. The desperate hetero eagerly licks and sucks the man's ass. Next Derek takes his turn crouching over Dale's face presenting his hole for servicing. In his binds with his ass painfully filled, Dale struggles with every last ounce of strength left in his body to pleasure the man's stinking asshole. Dale's sporty socks and cleats are removed to reveal his sensitive bare feet. A leather strap whacks his tender soles driving him to new heights of suffering. Now every nerve is sending shockwaves through his body as his feet are viciously lashed and the buttplug is removed to turn his ass into a dirty fountain. The sniveling wretched cunt screams naked on the floor covered in his own disgusting filth.

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