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Friday, May 13, 2016

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At CFNM.net, it's a terrible shock to Nick when he finally realises just what he's agreed to. The presenter - Gillian Small - has already made it clear that she has the headmistresses full blessing. If he refuses to go along with it he'll be punished, most likely losing his coveted position as rugby captain. In a dilemma, the sporty lad stands there staring down the lenses of the cameras and wondering what to do.

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In the new video at CFNMTV.com, having been ordered to strip naked, a nervous Raymond stands there with no clothes on trembling slightly. He's faced the cane a few times but there's something about the glint in Miss Theresa's eye that frightens him. Little does he realise that this is to be a detention like no other he's ever experienced.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net, hapless Shane is fully stripped in the "re-creation" of the new client's complaint. He's burning in shame as the men stroke his muscular body all over, greedily sniffing his cock, balls and arse. Now that things have gone so far he feels he can't stop them from pulling apart his fleshy cheeks and invasively fiddling with his virgin arsehole. Not even Shane's girlfriend has ever seen this part of his body!

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