Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tommy D

Tommy D, Trent

This week, you have the pleasure of seeing Tommy giving his new buddy Trent a post-workout rubdown with the baby oil.

Tommy gets Trent to give us a hot show as he strips out of his clothes and into his birthday suit. 'It's cold', Trent says, as Tommy pours out some of the slick baby oil onto his friends back.

After having Trent lay on his back, Tommy's ready to make his move, and he does so silently, without even asking by pouring the oil directly onto Trent's cock and immediately grabbing it and stroking it. Before Trent gets 'no' out of his mouth, Tommy gives him the super-grip stroke and all you hear is a slight sigh and a moan...

Trent has now been pacified.

Riley Shy

TommyD and a friend stroking their cocks on the couch

Denny, Fox, Tommy D

Three cute guys having an awesome blowjob threesome

Jake, Tommy D

TommyD having himself a big cock to swallow for lunch

Riley Shy

TommyD having himself a big hard cock to swallow

Top Up Down Bottom