Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tommy D

Fierce, Tommy D

Muscular horny guy enjoying a blowjob from cute stud

Sexy Tommy Enjoys A Nice Solo Masturbation Outdoors

Kenny, Tommy

This week, Tommy has brought his buddy Kenny back for some more hot cum shooting action.

Kenny decided to camp out at a local park. Tommy decided to play Frisbee with Ruby at that same park the next morning. What happens is quite the coincidence; Ruby overthrows the flying saucer and guess where it lands...right next to a masturbating Kenny. Who'da thunk that would have happened?

Kenny, being the friendly guy that he is, offers Tommy a seat, and some lube. Since Tommy was feeling a bit horny, he decides to join his friend for a quick stroke to relieve that morning nut.


Angel B, Tommy D

It just doesn't stop for Tommy.

Is he EVER going to get tired of stroking his cock with attractive young guys? Would you? ...didn't think so.

Rey Gold, Tommy

Rey Gold is back, and Tommy is the first one to get to play with him. That's right. Rey Gold has decided to try some man-on-man action.

For now he's going to stick to just getting serviced...but who knows what'll happen down the road.

Tommy starts spying on Rey as he strokes himself by the warm and crackling fireplace. Before long, Tommy makes his move and is at Rey's feet, begging to have the first taste of that cock. Rey lets him, so Tommy goes to town and services the young buck.

From face fucking to deep throating, Tommy shows Rey Gold that men can suck cock great too! Rey agrees by having a massive orgasm, shooting his load all over Tommy...who then jerks himself off, adding to the large, pooled up supply of semen on his stomach.


Samuel, Tommy

TommyD having some intense blow and anal fucking action here

Top Up Down Bottom