Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tommy D

Pierce, Tommy D

Tommy has a new friend to introduce to you. His name is Pierce.

They met a few months ago at a dance club. Tommy said he was hot and could find himself some work at NextDoorStudios. Pierce decided to finally give Tommy a call back and set something up.

Pierce is a young, tight-bodied stud that is a full time student and part time clothing model. He says he's really physical and loves sex.

For this scene, Tommy had a party to do some stripping at, so he brought along his new buddy. Of course dancing isn't the only thing that happens on the stripper table. Lets just say it involves more than one orgasm.


Phoenix, Tommy D

Tommy has somehow convinced Phoenix to come back on

This time, there's not just cock stroking, but a full on BJ. That's right. After Phoenix's first experience, he's willing to try it again. Is he becoming 'curious'? We hope so.

This scene is really hot, so we we'll make this short:

Plenty of cock sucking, plenty of stroking and two cum shots that'll leave you wishing you were the towel used to wipe up all that sweet goodness once the camera's off and the lights dimmed.


Tommy, Tyler

Last week Tommy was messing around with a super hot stud. This's no different.

Welcome Tyler to

This 27 year old hottie could easily pass for a few years younger. He's packing an absolutely to die for body, and his cock doesn't disappoint either. He has shown up to get a massage from Tommy, which I'm sure you won't mind.This scene will get you hard almost immediately after Tommy's done interviewing his new friend.

After Tommy has lubed up the hot hulk, he makes sure he takes the tension out of ALL of Tyler's muscles.

When it's all said and done, both of these hunks are covered in cum and everyone's very satisfied.


We have another great TommyD solo for you today. To spice things up a bit, we let Tommy get loose on a trampoline. He says there's something about bouncing up and down in the sunny outdoors that makes him horny. He proves this by stripping down in mid-bounce then sprawling out on the black, bouncy surface. Tommy strokes his cock until he's quivering and launching his creamy jism all over his stomach and chest.


Tommy D, Zack Cook

From a classic 69, the two lean back and unloads there balls

He kicks back on the sofa and strokes himself until he came
Top Up Down Bottom