Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Dildo Smuggler

Jarvis Chandler is an outlaw on the loose, running amok anywhere he can. But when he was caught with a cache of cocaine-stuffed dildos, his luck just may have run out. James Jamesson is a crime investigator who's been assigned to the case. Chandler's a hard nut to bust, so Jamesson's pulling out every trick he knows, including his hard cock.

Jamesson's seen this type before. The shifty eyes, the darting tongue, the prison ink. He's not getting a straight story unless he fucks it out of him...literally. Once Chandler gets his mouth on that dick, his icy facade loosens up a little as his asshole becomes eager for a pounding from Officer Jamesson. This could be the bargaining chip Jamesson was looking for. See if Chandler gives up the rest of the goods in this interrogation room bang session.

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hot naked boys (photos)


good pop, good porn, and good art are NOT mutually exclusive. this video is made up of footage from a sunny afternoon in brooklyn with a few lovely friends, and an original electropop cover of Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love. adult (yet artsy) content within.

Track 5 of 6 on REGULARMOTION's first DVD/Album, GRAPHIC.GLORY, which was released in December 2008. For more info check out

Directed, shot, and edited by Richert Schnorr
Music by Richert Schnorr (original cover of Madonna's "Take A Bow")

a REGULARMOTION original. made after going to way too many funerals in one year, continuously putting on and taking off this suit.
music by roisin murphy
video and performance by richert schnorr
more at

Scenic Boys

Scenic Boy Adventures is an all-​​inclusive, gay friendly, wilderness guide company offering exciting trips through the most spectacular regions of Olympic National Park. You’ll be picked-​​up from downtown Seattle, outfitted with all necessary gear, and guided into amazing backcountry camps where all your meals will be cooked over an open fire by experienced and trained guides.

Choose from a variety unforgettable Adventures ranging in scenery, seclusion and difficulty. The Ozette Triangle is perfect for those with little to no backpacking experi­ence, but have the desire to learn and experience a safe wilderness trip. For the more experienced adventurers The Enchanted Valley is a beautiful challenge with an amazingly picturesque reward. But for those who aren’t interested in a multi-​​day backpacking trip, but still want to see everything – the rainforests, the tide pools, hot springs & the alpine wildflowers – the Taste of the Olympics four day road trip will not only have you seeing the sights, but also savoring flavors of the Pacific Northwest in our gourmet campfire cooked meals.

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