Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Вот Дибилы!!!!

rugby players

naked people caught on tape

Paw sori jud kaau paw.

Silvio at Yarravile bend park

Needle Torment Power Tool Fuckers

Master Mike and Master Nick notch up the torment of their trussed up sub. They thrash the sub hard across his feet and his exposed ass cheeks with the leather paddle, reddening his buttocks more and more with every painful stinging whack. Nick thrusts the power-tooled dildo deep into the sub’s ass as Mike stabs needles into the sub's feet turning them into a pin cushion. Each stab of a new needle piercing runt's foot makes him moan out from behind the gag. The pain is relentless... see the most confident and ingenious masters at BrutalTops!

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Benedetto is a tall masculine Italian stud who gets off on spontaneous horny sexual experiences. He’s stubbornly heterosexual and won’t consider doing anything with a man even for money. The casting director enjoys puts him on the spot and makes him feel uncomfortable for flat out refusing any work with a man. For once this cocky straight guy feels like his sexuality is a hindrance. It creates a tense air in the room as the director intimately examines his cock and asshole.

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Erik S, Filipino

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