Friday, November 18, 2011

Japaneese boys


Rotkrautrutsche 2.0 - Nackedei


Lo que hacen dos niños cuando se encuentran una polla submarina




Dinei anda pelado pelo quarto (SEM CENSURA) - A Fazenda 4

video Impulsive, Scene 6

What better way to be Impulsive than to have a little poolside fling with a good fuck-buddy? Blonde surfer-hunk Christopher Daniels and sexy stud Nick Ford playfully come together at the rim of the pool for some hot mouth on mouth kissing. Christopher laughs as he struggles to undo Nick’s bathing suit string, finally getting in and getting at the juicy boy meat in side. The suits come off and hard-sprung boners are quickly gobbled up as these guys devour each other’s delicious cocks. Sun-tanned bodies in the hot summer sun, big beautiful dicks getting sucked… what better way to beat the heat?

Spreading his legs, Nick opens up and lets his buddy feast on his tight hot hole. Christopher goes at it with gusto as he laps at that hole, getting it nice and wet. Climbing up Christopher presses his throbbing cock up against that willing hole and plows it in deep. Nick moans with pleasure as he takes the full length of that big cock to the hilt.

After Nick takes a long hard pounding, it’s time for a flip. After giving Christopher’s hot ass a wet lubricating lick, he drives his cock right in. Christopher bends over and takes it hard, begging “Fuck Me!” as Nick drills his tight ass.

As the moans hit a climax, so does Nick. Pulling his cock from that ass at the last second he gushes a nut busting load all over Christopher’s back. Once every drop drained, Nick turns his attention to helping his buddy get off. Christopher kicks back in his buddy’s arms as he pumps out a hot stream of jizz.

Boys will be Boys.

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