Saturday, December 3, 2011

Guys fighting in the festival.

In The Shower!

Хуле борщ

hot boy

Mandi onsen

Masturbating at public transport

Enrico & Billy

Enrico & Billy
From the very get-go I thought this video was hot, as watching Billy Simonds and Enrico Roselli make out is delicious viewing. But It only gets better from there, with the duo taking on each other dicks before moving on to a sweat inducing fuck. The bottom then sits on his ripped buddies big dick and rides it to a to a spectacular cum-shot.CLICK HERE

Gay pub action

This pub is officially open for business, and that's all the reason these gay-boys need to come together, clink their glasses, and get naked and nasty like the freaks they are! Most of these orgy dudes don't need any liquid encouragement to jump into their favorite past time, but you can imagine that after chugging a beer or two all of these horny studs are ready to go and ready to show us exactly how guys go crazy!

the office boy

Imagine a group of sexy dominant business men in suits grabbing you right in your office and fucking you over. Masters Dean, Derek and Steve bully the office boy angrily take control of him stripping him down and making him worship their shoes. He’s violently fingered and his mouth is taped up so he can’t scream out. His head is then shoved into his big manly co-workers ass so he has to breathe in the scent of his hot hole. His breath is restricted so much he nearly passes out with his face crammed into the dominant master’s backside.

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When Guy first arrived at FirstAuditions he was curious and eager, but timid as he’d never been naked or had sex while being filmed before. With his hairy body and open attitude the directors were eager to cast him. However, it was necessary to make sure he could handle the intensity of being fucked on camera. This is his big test. He’s paired with confident and assertive Nick who can guide this shy new boy through his first time sucking cock and getting fucked while being filmed. Not one for romance, Guy doesn’t show much interest in flirtation or kissing. He demonstrates what a true bottom he is growing erect while on his knees sucking dick, grunting at the painful pleasure of taking Nick’s big dick up his arse and swallowing cum for the first time.

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a rising young football star

Charlie is a rising young football star in Mancastle United and an injury might take him out of action for months. He’s swiftly unclothed and given a radical new treatment for his thick muscular haunches, but his body needs to be fully prepared first. The oil covering his frame, tight buttocks and pendulous cock shows it off nicely. It’s a busy club with different clothed men coming in and out. Athletes have to take it in their stride that they will be fully exposed to multiple clothed men while being treated. The innocent lad finds it particularly sensitive having his pisshole penetrated for a swab, but he fully submits to the experienced professionals and knows he’s in good hands.

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