Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baltic Games - przejazd na golasa :)

John Waters' Desperate Living

A rich housewife enlists her maid's help to murder her husband; they go on the lam and end up in Mortville, a homeless community built into a garbage dump.'Desperate Living' (1977), 34-36m, 52-55m, 60-62m, 64-68m

My Body Is Me

My Body Is Me from Ben Asriel on Vimeo.

Created and Performed by:
Benjamin Ford Asriel

Original Lighting Design:
Kathy Kaufman

Lighting Consultant:
Michael Hemmenway

Performed at St. Marks Church on 20 February 2010, presented by DanSpace Project as part of Food For Thought, curated by Jodi Bender.

Program Note:
Upon viewing a recently-gifted reel-to-reel film snippet of myself improvising/dancing as a 3 yr-old boy (what I called, "my breakdancing"), I was amazed by the unique personality that was already manifest in my movement. Enamored and introspective, I wondered, "Am I really that boy? Is that body still me?" And so I made this dance; I hope you enjoy it.

©Benjamin Ford Asriel 2010

Flashing Bodies - For Sale

Flashing Bodies - For Sale from pau ros on Vimeo.

Flashing Bodies - Action Two - London - "For Sale"

'For Sale' is based in how we interact with our bodies within our personal relationships, how we 'sell' ourselves, how we seduce, look, react, accept or refuse other people because their looks. Or maybe is all in the personality? It's about normal bodies and normal people being themselves, trying to be liked, or not. Do we give ourselves free as a present or do we put a 'price tag'...

The purpose of this new action 'For Sale' is to establish the style of Flashing Bodies and create awareness of the project for the public, commissioners, sponsors and supporting bodies.


Bliss from Domino on Vimeo.

Author: Mala Kline
Perforations Festival 2011

The feverish quest for truth often leads to insanity, a frantic search for meaning, order and answers that result in chaos, zaum, and silence. Art asks questions because it is already ‘from the other side’. In the performance Bliss by a Slovenian dancer, choreographer and author, all these elements are mixed. The collective of very diverse performers, ranging from the stand-up comedian who isn’t, to the drag queen who would very much like to be, to the dancer who is more interested in why she is dancing than how, is connected by the need to be in a system without rules, where they can express themselves in the best, or only, way. The strategies of the six-member ensemble are completely different, from shock to niceness, and they contribute to this display of scene schizophrenia, more individually than in cooperation. Processing the results of this game of identity and appearance is hard work for those who need to replace disbelief with facts. Everyone else will, maybe, for a moment, find happiness in this collage of monodrama, musical, essay and tragedy.

Slovenian dancer and performer Mala Kline has worked professionally since 1995, first with the Slovenian company En-Knap, and later with Wim Vandekeybus’s company, Ultima Vez. Among the most important Slovenian dance and New Theatre authors, her own choreographic and directorial work is done both independently and in collaboration with artists from other fields.

ICI - captation + essais musique guillaume

ICI - captation + essais musique guillaume from Mylène Benoit on Vimeo.

MaleDigital.com: Dolce's Desire, Scene 1

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At CFNM.net confident businessman Leonard finds himself completely overwhelmed as he’s naked and surrounded. Three women have intruded his room as he’s drying off from his shower. Mesmerized by the sexy hunk they inspect his penis and give him a huge erection. Leonard likes impressing the ladies but he finds the situation has spun out of control as he has an unbearable urge to ejaculate with the women teasing and manipulating his body.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

A soldier can’t keep his mind on battle when his balls are full to bursting. It’s necessary to relieve this sexual frustration through regular masturbation and the expulsion of semen. The sarge at CMNM.net drives in this practice to his cadets so that they not only empty their own balls but also help out their fellow soldiers. This builds up a sense of camaraderie as well as relieving them of their heavy loads.


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Monday, July 30, 2012

JocksStudios.com: Luke Milan and Tanner Wayne Flip Fuck

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Hunky straight guy Paolo is in TheCastingRoom. He’s seeking to broaden his life experiences by trying out for porn. He has enough money so is just looking for kinky thrills while he’s still young. With his quintessential jock look this sporty guy was well on his way to the professional football leagues before some fool ran him over while he was working on a building site. He’s fully recovered but missed his chance at the athletic big time so he’s determined not to miss his chance to be immortalized fucking on film.


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Master Nick and Master Lukas at BrutalTops are experts in using submissive men for their own greedy and insatiable sexual needs. Dressed as doctors at the end of a long shift they immobilize their new “patient” a pathetic sub making him sniff their fragrant masculine armpits which are radiating pheromones. The tops trample the naked man so he has to stare up longingly at their perfect muscular bodies while they crush him beneath them powerful feet. He’s made to worship those feet and Master Lukas’ anus. The tops get their sadistic pleasure inserting a hook into his anus which is attached to his nose so they can watch him writhe and squirm while they laugh over him displaying their ultimate superiority.


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Top Up Down Bottom