Friday, November 30, 2012

Череповецкий Танцор

Surma - Camino al Donga


Second video of the "Mini-Docus" serial. Donga Ceremony, Body Painting. Contents may be offensive to some people because it is very explicit. Filmed on august 2010 with a Sony Handycam DCR-HC51E. Music by Yo La Tengo Bobby Clark, Logan Vaughn & Alex Graham

Tossing a football leaves the t-shirts of athletic Logan Vaughn and Alex Graham stainedwith sweat. They douse themselves with water, which clearly turns them on considering thetents in their shorts. Alex breaks an awkward silence by confessing to Logan, “I’ve beenlooking at your butt all day,” so Alex shows him the full Monty. In goes a finger, then atongue. Alex’s phone falls onto the deck and accidentally calls Bobby Clark, who’s in bedupstairs. He listens, stroking along with action on the porch, until he just has to rundownstairs and join them. Alex’s face and fingers are buried in Logan’s ass when Bobbyarrives, and Alex offers Bobby a taste. Logan kneels to suck Bobby’s handsome cock, andBobby grabs the post in Logan’s tongue and jams it all the way into his piss slit. It’s a jockmeat free-for-all as these hunks open their mouths and their holes wide for each others’rampant cocks. A sandwich fuck gives Ale x a chance to fuck the hole he ogled all morningwhile getting his own ass buzzed by Bobby. Logan grabs a quick ride on Bobby’s cockbefore they all burst, leaving Bobby’s tanned and furry chest matted in spooge.

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tantra sexual massage part 1

Pride Festival - Isso que é Bom!!

Como posso dizer.. gostaria de ser Por esse momento Silvete Montila... para poder pegar n bunda, pikis e ate.... Uhuh.
Mas Como Nao Sou... Vamos ver O melhor momento do Festival Pride, Que Comemorou o aniversario de Marcos!!!

Lingchi: Echoes of a Historical Photograph' (2002

Srdjan Todorovic as Milos in 'A Serbian Film' (2010), 50m

NÃO comente merda. Postei esse filme por que é dificil de achar legendado, varias pessoas procuram e eu tinha ele. Se você não gosta desse tipo de filme, é só não assistir!!!

Na Sérvia, o ator pornô apostentado Milos (Srdjan Todorovic) tem uma vida tranquila com sua amada esposa Marija (Jelena Gavrilovic) e seu pequeno filho Peter, que só lhe dá orgulho e alegria. A família vem enfrentando problemas financeiros e por isso Milos decide voltar à ativa. Ele recebe uma proposta para participar de um filme pornô experimental e é apresentado ao diretor Vukmir (Sergej Trifunovic). O ator assina um contrato às escuras, sem saber que o iria participar de um filme snuff, repleto de pedofilia, necrofilia, tortura física e mental. Ele tentará proteger a sua família e a si mesmo quando perceber no que está envolvido, mas nem todos os filmes tem um final feliz.

Oi! Warning' (1999), 0-1¼m, 25m

Drunk naked guy wants Classic Rock Not Lil Wayne LMAO

Thursday, November 29, 2012

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

Barry is totally out of his depth in the new story at He's used to running rings around the teaching staff but the fearsome Miss Holten quickly has him under her control. Assisted by Miss Sharp and Lucy she has revealed his heavy penis to Barry's dad and the room full of mums. Stark naked and horribly uncomfortable he has no choice but to stand there as the women stare at his privates and discipline him for disrupting class by spanking his bare ass till it blushes red.

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JR Bronson kicks back on a leather barber chair fingering his ass, waiting for a Dom to come take care of his hungry hole. Franco Ferarri comes in ready for action. Dressed in a latex apron and firemen's gloves he injects JR's puckered butthole with lube then greases up his big hands. He's going to make this pig-bottom squeal. He shows the muscular stud no mercy as he pummels his hole with his giant gloved hands then an enormous dildo. JR loves the assplay but Franco wants his cock sucked. He orders the twisted bottom on his knees and forces him to sit on a dildo adhered to the floor while he feeds JR his cock. JR sucks him as instructed but Franco wants inside that ass. He pushes JR on his back, fucks a load out of him, pulls out, shoots on JR's chiseled abs then walks out, looking for his next victim.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Un gay desnudo hetor lilconan

hot alam3


Доктор Лектор Мужской стриптиз Уголовник

Доктор Лектор Мужской стриптиз Джентельмен

CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

If Bobby doesn’t want to be thrown out of the tournament at the sexy young athlete has to submit to any inspection the officials give him. Ordered down onto his hands and knees like a naked animal the men inspect his anus to see if he’s hiding anything. They lube their fingers up with spit and slide them up his tight passage until the boy goes very red in the face and squirms uncomfortably.

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Straight footballer Colin likes to keep in shape so he can look best for the ladies. The doe-eyed amateur lad gets very nervous when the camera is pointed at him in The Casting Room. He’s never felt so intensely self conscious in his life, but that’s what being in the spot light means. The casting director gets him to strip naked so he can check out and measure his slim boyish physique. He needs very detailed instructions in how to show off his ass because hetero guys have no idea how to display their holes. He has a very tight foreskin meaning you can only get a very small glimpse of his wet full glans as he jerks off.

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Lately Joey Hard has been as anti-social as possible for Coach Vinny Castillo’s team. He sulks, shrugs his shoulders and refuses to play nice with others. Vinny has had enough of Joey’s attitude, and for his part, Joey seems unrepentant, telling Coach Castillo that the only reason he joined the team was to check out the other guys on the team. Seeing an opportunity to both placate and punish Joey, Vinny whips his cock out and shoves Joey’s face into his crotch. Joey inhales deeply, and begins to fondle Vinny’s cock through his underwear. Pulling it out, Joey puts it deep into his mouth and proceeds to gag himself with it, as Coach Castillo shoves his shaft further down Joey’s throat. Joey sucks with reckless abandon, and Vinny pulls out and nuts all over the side of Joey’s face. Joey rocks back onto his knees with a satisfied look on his face, but Coach Castillo has only just begun. Wiping the cum off Joey’s cheek, he shoves his cock back into Joey’s mouth and goes another round. With Joey laid out on his desk, he face fucks Joey as Joey strokes his own dick, and Vinny then proceeds to bust a second load all over Joey’s chest, which makes Joey, being the little cum-punk that he is, explode his load all over himself in a sticky mess. Enjoy!

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Johnny Lawless is tied spread-eagle to a metal bed frame when A.J. Irons enters the room. A.J. strokes and teases the helpless bound jock on the bed making him rock-hard. A.J. unties Johnny’s legs and throws them into the air so he can plow Johnny like there is no tomorrow. Both jocks enjoy their sensual bondage fuck!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

犬と串 case.6「愛・王子博」


Shitting on em

Shower break in

We were drunk and decided to break into the bathroom while Johnny was showering. Yet we couldn't open the door Max Marshall & Derek Parker

Lust, rain o’er me. Toned and tall Max Marshall can’t resist a muscular and masculine stripper, so bearded, pierced and tattooed Derek Parker is just what the doctor ordered. Max takes out his smartphone to video Derek’s pole dance, then both studs get the same idea and pop their cocks out. Max joinsDerek at the pole for a bruising lip lock, then Derek turns his attention to Max’s pole. It’s greater in diameter than the pole on the stage and it gives Derek’s jaws a hell of a workout. After punishing his throat muscles, Derek hops aboard Max’s massive hard on and punishes his sphincter with a literallap dance that leaves them both glistening with sweat. You can smell the testosterone! When Derek’s hole demands relief, they break for another make out session then resume fucking doggie style, then missionary. Max’s balls swing and slam. His pummeling thrusts become faster and shorter, signalingthat the end is near. Max’ s mammoth shoots his load across the room and Derek blows his load.

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At the new site straight footballer Darren is hungry for fame even if it means getting done over by two pervy blokes. Notice how his face creases in shame over the session while he’s relentlessly mauled by the men’s hands and he desperately tries to remind himself that this is just one step towards achieving his dreams of stardom. His hairy young sporty body is exposed, groped, his tight ass is fingered and his long hard cock is jerked off.

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Top Up Down Bottom