Monday, December 31, 2012

EricDeman has exclusive new hidden camera footage recording some sexy big-dicked truckers having a piss at a truck stop when they think no one is looking. These horny lads have some tight foreskins and heavy balls full of pent-up sperm from long-haul trips. Download thousands of hot videos catching men naked at EricDeman.

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Ruggerbugger have caught Spanish footballer Santiago Canizares with his bare ass exposed when he thought no one was looking!

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Meztelen vakáció


Well Nourished Caucasian Male

Well nourished caucasian male is a solo performance by Tuomo Railo. He explores the basis of his dance expression. The simplified stage setting and the piano music focus the spectator's attention on Railo's motion language, its diversity and unexpectedness.

"The feeling of insecurity - fictional or real - was the starting point of my work. In my mind I had the instruction launched by the American dance entertainment format: Dance for your life! I've also examined the theory of Indian dramatic art. Natyasastra, the more than a thousand- year-old textbook of Indian dance, lists nine moods, tastes and juices (rasa) that a performance can arouse in the spectator. In my work, I have explored the bhayanaka-rasa or the horror. The oppressive mood of my work is created by the limited platform I dance on, as well as the piano music which instigates panic. A video is projected behind me and light abstractions are built on it. They are negations of Rorschah's inkblot test."

In addition to the choreography, Railo has created the sound landscape, wardrobe and the action paintings, which are shown as video projections.

Trilógia Maraton Első Trilógia - FELTÉPETT MÚLT Összegzés


Schiele and Freud, the painted body and its inverse, the movement to be painted, passive and active reflection on the creation are the core initiators of Gergye's choreography.

Jan. 01. 2012 - Season Start -Anbaden-P1500443.MOV

Hoover job


Naked cowboy midnight riding

Stripper strand bursdag

Marius' 25th birthday party and a stripper suddenly appeared

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek catches a smooth-assed tattooed guy in the adjoining cubicle stripping off naked. It seems this swimmer likes to keep his body streamlined as he shaves his pubes. It’s hot knowing such intimate details about this handsome guy who you might pass on the street.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Baños de hombres

un tipo que se dio cuenta que lo estaba filmando y se prendio de una, encima tuvo una ereccion espectacular.- A Ride With the Boys

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Молодого спортсмена Ярослава многое не устраивает в жизни: скука и рутина ежедневных тренировок, необходимость постоянного самоконтроля и т. д. Но больше всего его беспокоит странное чувство, которое он испытывает к парням и мужчинам. Только его близкий друг Андрей, кажется, понимает, что с ним происходит.
Ярославу трудно признаться себе в том, что он гей. Внутренние проблемы превращаются во внешние: он вступает в драку с одним из членов сборной и оказывается на грани скандального "вылета"...

Продюсер, Режиссер, Оператор: Сева Галкин.
Сценарий: Валерий Печейкин.
Композитор: Василий Лебедев.

В ролях: Ольга Васильева, Сергей Шевченко, Виталий Кучерявенко, Павел Полуэктов, Олег Тарабурзан, Михаил Гамарник, Екатерина Машутова, Николай Лин-Го-Дян, Александр Шевцов, Николай Терещенко, Константин Оскирко, Сергей Демченко, Максим Иванов,
Голоса: Артем Цуканов, Марк Подлесный, Иван Гарьковец, Нана Татишвили.

Кастинг Директор: Андрей Козлов.
Make-up: Александра Эдельберг, Бахтиер Идрисов.
Консультант по Боевым Искусствам: Александр Власенко
Благодарности: Стадиону им. Эдуарда Стрельцова, Школе дзюдо Дмитрия Носова, SPA Маяковка-Спорт, Отцу Сергию Ильичеву
Дизайн: Вячеслав Доронин, Кирилл Кара-Банчук.

© OOO "ЕвроСтар", 2011

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

Standing naked and surrounded by the confident women, diving champ John undergoes a full body exam at As if being stripped naked and having his smooth athletic body studied wasn't bad enough, now Barbara is insisting on an anal examination. The long metal object inserted into his tight ass makes him feel physically sick. But he's in no position to disobey - indeed his whole future depends on him being able to take whatever pain these powerful women decide to dish out.

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Everything is blue — the water, the tile, the towels, the planters and the swimsuits that are the only thing between the statuesque bodies of Woody Fox and Ray Diaz, who are necking in the pool. Ray distracts Woody with a nip at his nipples while groping under the waistband of his suit. Ray breathes along the length of Woody’s raging erection, releasing it inch by inch and running his tongue along every millimeter before swooping in to swallow it in a single gulp. Woody’s face throughout Ray’s expert blow job is one of passionate disbelief. Instead of praising Ray’s skill, Woody rewards him with a cock massage and rim job that leave Ray squirming to have his nutmeg-colored buns breached by Woody’s inches. They fuck like rabbits, with Ray on his knees and Woody straddling his ass, pumping him full of cock at the rate of two strokes per second. When Woody needs a break, they move to a lounge chair for a sit-fuck, with Ray able to ensure that his sweet spot gets hit on every thr ust. Ray’s balls bounce so hard, that it has to hurt so good. A lot of screaming accompanies the creaming, leaving Ray dripping wet with two enormous loads.

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Berg's Wozzeck: Finale [nsfw]


Nacho Vidal SuperMartXe 2012


2011-12-18 BLACK ROOM - DICK CONTEST 2011

2011-12-18 BLACK ROOM - DICK CONTEST 2011, BLACK ROOM, sala City Hall, Rambla de Cataluña, 4. BARCELONA, SPAIN.

meski striptiz, chippendales Świdnica (zlot motocyklowy)

Gogo Boy Gustavo Santos (nu Frontal)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Ladies Night in Stevenage full version

willkommen in der welt der internationalen sportmodels attila

HEAT shows cock.mp4

Jonathon Heat Martinez shows cock :)

Nonfilms - Caligero

Nonfilms - Caligero from Frank Moore on Vimeo.

Recorded in the early 1980's. this video is for you who crave for a hunk!

In my own skin

In my own skin from James Graham on Vimeo.

On The Set of 1: Romance Behind the Scenes With Quinn Christopher Jaxon

On The Set of 1: Romance Behind the Scenes With Quinn Christopher Jaxon from QuinnCJaxon on Vimeo.

CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At footballer Wayne is in prime condition with a tight muscular body. But he’s only worth as much as the managers judge him to be. Pulled fresh off from the field Wayne is covered in sweat which has turned his tight white pants near transparent. Up on the table he self consciously offers up his meaty ass to be sniffed and squeezed by the pervy managers. The athlete must grit his teeth and listen as the men discuss the value of his cock and anus.

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New at The Casting Room Farley is a sexy-bodied straight-laced banker with a dirty mind. He spends all his working day in a confined office environment growing hornier every minute. On the weekends he gets to unleash his inner sexual beast and get it on in swinging clubs. This has opened him up to a lot of new experiences where he can experiment with groups and behaviour which he can’t when alone with his girlfriend in the bedroom. It’s horny to catch a city boy like this getting his freak on and taking the plunge into the unknown.

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Top Up Down Bottom