Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Addicktion, Dr Sexxx, Intrigue, Just Incredible, Polo Starr, Rudy (DT), True Time, Velcream

Addicktion, Dr. Sexxx, Intrigue, Just Incredible, Polo Starr, Rud
Who says the Sunday roast is just a white person tradition? These black thugs can spit roast better than any orgy of sex-crazed horndogs you'll ever have seen. One lucky member of our group gets two huge black dicks in either end, forced so far into him you'd swear the cock heads must be smashing together somewhere inside him. Don't miss the awesome cum-eating finale either, Thug Orgy fans!CLICK HERE

Diego Ruiz

Diego Ruiz
Wow! What a kinky little squirrel Diego is. He aint afraid to get into the hardcore stuff, including grabbing a whip and spanking his own ass and body! He even shoves the thing in his mouth. He's got a great cock too, its long, thick and after he shoots, Diego likes to squeeze the jizz out of his uncut dick and shove it in his mouth and all over his lips. Kinky little squirrel indeed!CLICK HERE
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