Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bam, Kolby Bird, Oscar, Ray Don, Ricky Parker, Steve Candy, Tony Long

Bam, Koby Bird, Oscar, Ray Don, Ricky Parker and More
You'd be forgiven for thinking there was some kind of dick-eating contest in town, because this collection of black studs seem to be going for the world record. Spread out across a king-sized bed and chowing down on the plethora of black meat available, it's an all-you-can-eat buffet of the thug orgy variety.CLICK HERE

Dave Hilton, Justin Baber, Zac Ryder

Dave, Justin & Zac
Bars are great places to pick up random shags, but when Zac Ryder tells our bait-bois the name of his local bar, this makes it all too easy for them to track him down and drag him back to their sin-pad! With very naughty plans in mind, our bait-bois soon have Zac tried to the bed posts, naked and horny. What happens then is incredible, as Dave & Justin set about abusing Zacs ass with toys and chains before wanking him off and cumming on his face. Never before have our bait-bois been so bad and never before has some random had such fun being fucked over!CLICK HERE

Markus Narducci

Markus Narducci
There's something about seeing a ripped, smooth Euro twink feel up his own sexy body that makes you want to spill your load right away. But you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't last all the way through Markus Narducci's solo video. This guy really knows how to stroke a cock and when he beats it against his own washboard abs, you're really going to find it hard not to blow on-spot.CLICK HERE

horny pictures of Italian footballer Antonio Nocerino in revealing white underwear

Ruggerbugger has horny pictures of Italian footballer Antonio Nocerino in revealing white underwear. The 26 year old stud has competed in the Olympics and sometimes sports a sexy dark bristly beard. When celebrating on the pitch he often strips off his shirt and shorts to give off tempting glimpses of his package and fantastically tight muscular ass. See more of Nocerino exposed at Ruggerbugger!

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Ryan Raz

Ryan Raz
We know plenty of you who'd like to get inside Ryan Raz's hole, but if you fancy getting inside the popular porn star's brain, he gives a great interview about his rise to fame in this solo video before doing what he does best: jerking that enormous twink cock.CLICK HERE

Lucas Pirelli with Toy

Lucas Pirelli with Toy
Here is the first video of my cutie Lucas, and you will see how this young and fresh new cummer likes to get a little adventurous. This solo video of Lucas, was not supposed to be with toys, but I convinced him to try some. He really liked the feeling in his ass, and after this video he was happy to do more work for me and has promised to be very open minded. You will see in the coming months what I mean. =) CLICK HERE
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