Thursday, February 9, 2012 Steve Hunt, Mickey A

This is a pretty open bar. One look at the shirtless Steve Hunt, and Mickey A has his pants down with his fingers wrapped around his own cock. Steve gets a look at his admirer, and quickly ends up on his knees, taking Mickey's sexy tool all the way down his throat. A little mutual sucking ensues, and Mickey then runs his tongue along Steve's tight little asshole. Getting it nice and wet, he makes his intentions clear...

Steve screams and begs for more as Mickey slams his rock-solid manhood deep in his ass. After getting it fast and hard from behind for a while, Steve lays on his back, and lets Mickey thrust into him some more while he strokes his own large cock.

Mickey enjoys this for as long as he can, and then pulls out, only to explode and spray Steve's hole with his man juice. This only gets steve turned on more, and he finally makes himself cum all over his own abs.

Dallas Reeves, Scottie Brooks

Dallas & Scottie
It's blond-on-brunette in this awesome team-up between buff twink Dallas Reeves and new-cummer Scottie Brooks. Scottie is your perfect twink bottom: young, smooth and in possession of possible the most perfect hole we've seen on screen. Meanwhile, Dallas has the right physique for a top and the skill to match. The duo start off with a 69er before fucking doggy style on the bed till they both shoot hot loads.CLICK HERE

Luke Hammond

Luke Hammond
Sebastian has always had great taste in the guys, but Luke Hammond is one super hot fucker with a gym fit body and massive 8-inch dick. Tied down and blindfolded, Sebastian starts by tickling Luke without mercy. Luke screams and tries to break free but our evil crew keep up the tickling and watch on as he struggles. Sebastian can't keep his hands of Luke's massive cock and soon starts work it. Hard and horny, in time Sebastian brings Luke to climax but not without some more tickling and torture to the head of his cock!CLICK HERE

Angel, Everready, Kidd, Infamous, Mr Sauki, Sexcyone & Thugzilla

Angel, Everready, Kidd, Infamous, Mr Sauki, Sexcyone & Thugzilla
There's so many members of this black gangbang, it's surprising they managed to work out what to do with all the hot cocks laying about. But oral servicing seemed to be the flavor of the day and these hung hotties put some hungry mouths to work, throat-fucking their buddings rough till they choke and gag.CLICK HERE Foose Rush In

Ayden Marx has made the silly mistake of challenging Marcus Mojo to a foosball tournament. Ayden had no idea Marcus was nearly county champ 4 summers ago. Even though he doesn't have all his old moves, Marcus knows he can still beat the pants of Ayden, any old time. He still enjoys whooping some ass on the table when he has the chance.

After beating Ayden more times than either can count, Marcus plops on the couch to relax for a while. He soon moves to rubbing a chubby that's swelling up in his sweatpants. Ayden notices what's going on and makes his move, kissing Marcus from behind the couch. Marcus pulls Ayden over, eager to get his hands on that luscious body he's been eyeing while they were playing foosball. Now they're having a little post-tournament cool down, sucking each other's large, fat cocks. Even though Ayden got schooled, he's still a good sport. He's even letting Marcus slide his rock hard dick into his tight ass for a sensual and passionate pounding. Join these studs for a rec room experience where everyone wins!

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Dallas, Krist & Sebastian

Dallas, Krist & Sebastian
By far one of the hottest assemblies of twink cock we've had in a long time: Dallas, Krist and Sebastian take part in an incredibly hot three-way fuck in this video. The guys have amazingly toned, smooth bodies which they put through considerable physical exertion by sucking and fucking hot tool in their encounter. It's a royal rumble of twink-tastic proportions.CLICK HERE
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