Thursday, February 16, 2012 COLT Vault, Scene 1

Hidden away, deep in the COLT Vault we found this gem… rare footage of a day in the life of COLT Legend John Pruitt.

In this rare footage John’s hirsute and muscle bound body is on full display. Be there as John wakes in the morning to greet a new day. Nude and semi hard John rises from his bed to splash some cold water on his face before he ventures outside for his daily exercise routine. Join John for his morning pump and stretch. With his body in motion and his muscles glistening John is the picture of perfect health and masculinity. Finishing up his morning routine John takes a long and sensual outdoor shower.

John Pruitt set the standard for the many COLT Men Icons that have followed. In this relaxed and casual setting one can easily see the true essence of a COLT Man.

Скачай это ВИДЕО!

Calito, Cocky Boi, Trap Boyy, Mr Pipem & Jeremy Rjojas

Calito, Cocky Boi, Trap Boyy, Mr Pipem & Jeremy Rjojas
Couldn't get enough of our new raw-riding boys? Yeah, we thought you'd be back. So buckle in for another ass-plowing adventure, sans rubbers, in this new installment of black barebacking with hotties like Trap Boyy and Calito willing and ready to let loose on camera.CLICK HERE

Joey Angel and Lucas Pirelli

Joey Angel and Lucas Pirelli
As you can see, our new recruit Lucas is really getting the hang of things with tattoo-clad Joey Angel. These two young, hot guys start by massaging each other's cocks through their sports gear and then graduate to some awesome sucking, fucking, jerking and ass-play! CLICK HERE

Ethan Roberts

Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts throws a load of laundry in before working out a load of his own. Ethan is a very hot young man, with a nice natural skinny build and a dick worth choking on. Ethan strips down and works up a hard-on in no time. As he works his cock, the camera explores his body. Ethan has a little bit of chest hair that rides his pecs as he strokes. When he pops, the cum spills onto his abs and drips down.CLICK HERE

Luke Hammond, Sebastian Kane

Luke Hammond
No matter where Sebastian finds his guys and no matter how bad we are to them, they all want more and Luke Hammond is no exception. Having been tickled and edged then left tied up, Sebastian decides that Luke has much more to give and that includes more cum! This time our crew members tape Luke to a chair and subject his buff, toned upper body to pain and punishment then turn to abusing his cock which has become hard with the abuse suffered. CLICK HERE

asino, Chaos, Dutch, Muzario, Peanut, Pinky, Polo, Spades, Thugzilla

Casino, Chaos & Dutch
Our new ensemble of gangbangers start of the video lounging leisurely around the bed before they start to shed their clothing and pull out their throbbing great black meat. It starts a feeding frenzy of cock sucking with some great close-ups of the massive chucks of dick being slurped on.CLICK HERE
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