Friday, February 24, 2012

Cash Money, Mr Pipem, Skinny Pimp, Thugzilla, Wanted

Cash Money, Mr Pipe'm, Skinny Pimp, Thugzilla & Wanted
The weights bench get put to very good use in this new video release. We've got one lucky black hottie with a dick in his mouth and his own in someone elses, and while that blow bang is taking off, Thugzilla is preoccupied with tonguing the hot ass of another of our participants on the couch.CLICK HERE

Christopher Moraes & Mariana

Christopher Moraes & Mariana
Its been a while since I released a video with a boy and girl and I've been getting e-mails from members who wanted to see more of that, so this month I managed to get Christopher back but he only agreed to do a video with his wife - yes, I know, it's so sad that he has a wife, poor kid - but it least you can see him in a little action.CLICK HERE

Russ Connors

Russ Connors
Russ was picked up on one of our nights out. We didn't think he would have been the type to be happy to come back for a "drink", but he didn't think it was going to be a followed by being tied up, gagged then penetrated by a massive dildo and then cock. We suppose he didn't see cum on his face as a possibility either.CLICK HERE


Dominic Harvey
We've got an uncut tool for you that's well worth a solo jerk-off starring bill. It belongs to the delightful Dominic Harvey who chokes that yummy cock while looking utterly adorable on camera at the same time. This slim jim is going to hit you in all the right places.CLICK HERE
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