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a short film by Kevin Simmonds

Human Installation I "Gender Obsolescence" Performance art by Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser

Obsolescenza del Genere - Installazione Umana #1
Gender Obsolescence - Human Installation #1

by Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser

(International Art prize - Venezia, Italy)

International Festivals:
IDKEX, Columbus (Ohio) - USA 2008
chosen among the 30 best gender exploration performances in the world

Werkstaddt der Kulturen - Germany 2008

Gender Obsolescence
The solemn ritual presents variety of genders and describes FtM (Female to Male) transition.

The naked body and the I. The mask and the stereotype.
It’s a gynandroid performance where the transition process is intermingled with poetry.
Sex is represented as skin, female, male. Gender is represented in the sense of self, of man, and of woman. A journey, a crossing, a transition. Naked bodies lined up slowly coming closer. Each individual has a story. They are holding hands. Changing sex is painful like birth. The golden masks on their faces are not to hide their identities: In fact as they come closer it is possible to distinguish their genders: a biological man, a trans man, a trans woman, a biological woman. From the bottom of the stage, a female creature unfolds from behind a black towel and goes to stand behind them: she walks across touching the bodies, one after the other. The pain is tiring, the flesh a substance to be shaped. The solemn rite of dressing up - in trousers, jacket and tie: it's the return to the opposite. For a transsexual changing sex is not becoming a man but a return to being a man. There is no need to wear the masks anymore: the self is revealed.

TRITTICO - Human Installations II III I

The work merges my Human Installations in a single performance of strong visual impact. It is inspired by José Saramago: "Like all young men the son of Joseph and Mary was born in his mother’s dirt and blood, in the sticky mucus, suffering in silence". My encounter with the american artist Ron Athey was essencial to the creation of this work. Extreme body art and Christian iconography (here a real crucifixion takes place using body suspension and needles are used to provoke tears of blood), the transition from woman to man, the naked bodies and the nuances of gender (women, men and transgender) allowes parallels between the human and the devine self determination (the Word becomes flesh, God becames man). The work combines the concepts of Judith Butler’s queer theory and Stelarc's considerations on body. "Kyrahm and Julius are Captain Achab of the new body trans-oceanic frontier of existence, able to stop and recreate the world, where poetry becomes the human sacrifice that yields itself (by choice) and suffers (in spite of it) - Marco Fioramanti.
- Among the 30 best gender exploration performances of the world (IDKE festival) USA
- Arte Laguna Prize - Venice
- Werkstadt der Kulturen - Berlin

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