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Lucas Caula

GI Se dormir vai caga dormindo

How to attach the Elator (an external penis support device for men with E.D.)

голожопый боксер

Голый мужик.

решили парни покупаться и тут я успел это зрелище заснять)

A Roll in the Hay

On a little trip up to the wine country to visit his buddy Chad Logan, Austin Merrick finds himself diving headfirst into Summer's first heat wave.

The two have been friends for years, meeting as they both worked as camp counselors during a prior season of scorch. Austin's always admired Chad's work ethic. Chad's always diligent and persistent, never procrastinating with a task before him. They've driven up to Chad's uncle's ranch to hang out and enjoy the mellow breezes atop the hill. When Chad tells Austin there's a bit of hay they need to move, Austin's happy to help. But when he sees the workload, Austin has second thoughts. Chad reassures him and pulls out a couple beers for them to enjoy before getting started. Chad soon notices a "chub" forming in Austin's jeans. Chad figures a quick jerk session may be just in order to rally Austin's spirits. As they sit in the jeep, stroking their own cocks, Chad makes a grab for Austin's large boner. Austin reciprocates and not long after is slurping Chad's fat, swollen dong. A little cramped, they decide to step out and shed all their clothes. Chad goes in for a taste of Austin's meaty pole and gets quite a mouthful. Austin has wanted to feel Chad inside him since they first met years back. While watching Chad enjoy his hard cock, he decides to offer his tight asshole for a nice pounding. Chad lays down a blanket for his buddy and inserts his throbber. Don't miss this hot, summer fun as these two gorgeous guys kick off a summer they'll never forget.

Скачай это ВИДЕО! 3 Fucking Studs

When Cody Cummings, Tyler Torro and Brandon Lewis get together in the gym, the iron starts moving, the sweat starts beading and the muscles start flexing. Showing the same voracity for cock that he does for the bench, Brandon Lewis first fondles Cody’s chest and 6 pack abs before pulling down his shorts and taking his dick into his mouth. Tyler leans up against a punching bag and begins to fondle himself as he watches, and Cody, ever the ambassador of cock, suggests that Brandon quit being so selfish with the head and include Tyler as well. So now Tyler and Cody are taking turns fucking Brandon’s mouth, and Tyler gets the great idea that Brandon has two holes for fucking, so he pulls up behind Brandon and all of the sudden, Cody and Tyler are both being served. Brandon is being poked from all directions and he clearly loves it, spraying his load as he rides Tyler, who doesn’t stop even as Cody unleashes his spunk all over Brandon too, finally pulling out and adding to Brandon ’s personal little pool of cum. 3 fucking studs showing you how it’s done.



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Lukas can hardly blame the men at BreederFuckers for going wild wanting to use his hairy masculine body with the heady masculine odour he emits. Tied and stripped down to his skivvies his detainers get turned on by the pheromones that radiate from his manly body. He’s made to jerk off other men while being wanked, his ass and torso are flogged. Then his tight asshole is fingered and fucked with a vibrator. His naked used body is left on display while he whimpers beneath his ball gag.


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EricDeman has behind the scenes footage of the Tour de France of the sportsmen stripped down. These cyclists have been working their legs hard so relax after a hard day and get a good rub down. Their well-tanned legs are contrasted with their pale white bodies. See the full videos at EricDeman.


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Man(n) wird Mensch

Performance am Seedcamp in Kautzen 2007

Obhliadka, za ziva a po smrti II - Nadory_split4.avi

Голый в аптеке,Ахахаха

Two guys naked in the Brown Cow

Semi naked wrestling as Karl and Glen square off in what can only be explained as men at their most men.

Naked guys


Southern Decadence Big Dick Contes

Fonsy Fox Fox - Luchos Place - 7/4/2012 (#4)

La Marsha Mallow _ Erotika

Guerra dos Sexos *Rodeo* 2º

Towel War 1 on 1

Towel war in Berlin Naked and after a sneaky 1st attack James Bell is owned by John HotDog Hodgson.
Mark Edga is lead camera man.
Top Up Down Bottom