Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mankini im Kufsteiner McDonalds

FalconStudios.com: Topher DiMaggio, Angelo Marconi

Topher DiMaggio is finishing rinsing some dishes when his man Angelo Marconi walks in. These hot Latin lovers can’t keep their hands off each other. Who could if they were coupled with either of these dark-skinned, passionate men? We’re not sure if there’s anyone in the world who loves cock more than Angelo, and he is quickly on his knees swallowing Topher’s sizable stick. The only thing that Angelo might like more than cock is having his ass worked over, and Topher knows how to deliver a mean rim job. Each time Topher comes up for air, Angelo fingers himself preparing for the real treat he wants up there: Topher’s stiff thick dick. Their kitchen counter gets a workout with Angelo using it to position himself in every way to get the maximum impact of his man’s meat. Topher serves it up and delivers it deep until Angelo blows a thick load onto his abs, which sends Topher over the top spraying cum all over the kitchen counter.

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At The Casting Room, athletic young Edward is a quintessential jock with a trim muscular body, husky voice and he’s dumb as a doornail. This hetero footballer has modelled in sports advertisements before and now he wants to demonstrate his sexual skills by branching out into porn. He has big muscular thighs and a pert hard ass from running up and down the field all day. While he found the audition experience nerve-wracking we think he could go far in this industry with the right guidance.

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Athletic rugby players Guy and Derek are working on their body tackles, using their sub instead of a padded tackle bag to slam their powerful bodies into.All their physical exertion has worked up quite a sweat so they use their sub's mouth to clean their ripe sweaty armpits, slurping away every last bead of nectar with it's wet tongue.

Derek's rugby boots reek of his manly odor and sweat. Taking them off he plants the opening of one boot firmly across wilkinson's mouth and nose like a face mask to seal in all that warm pungent essence as Guy fucks it's slutty ass.

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110627 This Is What I Want 4

110627 This Is What I Want 4 from Mark McBeth | Projects on Vimeo.

Redefining the relationship between intimacy and performance. THIS IS WHAT I WANT 2011 PRODUCED BY: JESSE HEWIT, RACHAEL DICHTER, AND THEOFFCENTER CURATED…

RRR performance

RRR performance from ignacio Galilea on Vimeo.

Odelot Ritual Art Company International Contemporary Art Museum of Casoria Naples 2005 Director: Loc Performers: Miguel Angel Maroto, Ana Celada,…

Plasma performance

Plasma performance from ignacio Galilea on Vimeo.

Sean takes a dip in the pool - Warning male frontal Nudutity

Sean takes a dip in the pool - Warning male frontal Nudutity from Paul Rooney on Vimeo.

After show party seven o clock in the morning and sean decides to do for a dip in to the pool, not a swimming pool but a garden pool


Giselle (Part 1) from Joseph Mercier on Vimeo.

Giselle (Part 2) from Joseph Mercier on Vimeo.

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