Saturday, July 28, 2012 In the Meat of the Knight

Officer Samuel O’Toole is tough but fair. Not one to bust your balls over a small infraction, he likewise can’t let the big problems go unregistered. So when he pulls Lucas Knight over for some minor violations, he realizes it’s not something that needs any backup. Sizing Lucas up as strictly a one man job, Officer O’Toole suggests the two of them adjourn inside for further investigation, and upon inspection, he finds Lucas to be a more than friendly witness. Wrapping his lips around Sammy’s cock, Lucas hopes these oral skills will get him out of the ticket that his words could not, but Officer O’Toole is not likely to let him off so lightly. Sure enough, Lucas may be able to avoid the punishment of the law, but not the pounding of Sammy’s dick. Sammy opens Lucas up for a deep probe, and satisfied with his findings, sprays forth a massive load in approval. Looks like Lucas gets away… for now!

Скачай это ВИДЕО! SCORED! Scene 2

After watching two hot guys fucking on the couch, Drake and Ryan are ready for a little action of their own.

Right there on the stairway, Ryan gets down on his knees and gets busy greedily sucking Drake’s raging hard cock. The creaky stairway makes plenty of noise, and so do these guys as Ryan works Drakes thick juicy cock. Ryan wants that load and knows just how to get it. Sensing that Drake is close, Ryan stands toe-to-toe with Drake as they stroke and shoot nut-busting loads.

Looking up as he unloads his last drops of cum, Drake sees a hot stud at the top of the stairs watching them with a camera phone in hand. Realizing he is busted, the hot stud at the top of the stairs disappears. Curious, Drake pulls up his pants and heads upstairs to explore.

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Pack Attack 7: Troy Danniels (Scene 1)

A crate marked 'fragile' shows up at the warehouse and the pack moves in. They pry it open to discover Troy Daniels inside wearing only a jockstrap and a smile. The gang drags Troy out of the crate and immediately beings probing his big bubble-butt with their fingers and tongues. The relentless assplay drives all the men crazy, most of all Troy, who tries to suck the guys cocks right through their jeans. Finally the pack pulls out their hard cocks; there isn't one under 8' in the entire group! Troy moves around, sucking and jacking each stud's dick like a true cock-pig. The men strip naked and stand in a circle and grab Troy's head, pushing him down on their huge dicks until he gags…

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Ruggerbugger have caught New Orleans Saints linebacker Scott Shanle naked in the locker room! This giant 6ft 2in athlete is changing in the background during a post-game interview where he’s captured on film showing off his shapely muscular ass. This varsity hero is usually entirely covered up but he’s fully exposed in this rare video found only on Ruggerbugger!


Скачай это ВИДЕО!

The SneakyPeek cameraman has caught a real cute one stripping off in the bus station toilet. This handsome guy looks like a local university student with a full pubic bush and a big round ass. He’s the type that would probably change beneath a towel in the locker room at the gym. But here he is fully revealed without his even knowing!
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IN=OUT from lahara on Vimeo.

IN=OUT is a site specific interactive performance that has the aim create a combustion of energy between the performer and audience. Performed at a temperature of -2 degrees for 'IN CANTIERE' in Milan November 2010, a project by Luca Bradamante.
The audience creates the piece using the performer's body as a human canvas.
The whole operation investigates the struggle of verbal communication, giving and returning only one chance through the individual experience of the viewer.

Cris Rock: Sesión de Desnudo Artístico (Detrás de Cámaras)

#TerceraTemporada - Sesión de fotos, para un desnudo artístico. Con Cris y su compañero, Pepe. Realizado por los alumnos de audiovisuales de la UPC, Joanna, Adriana y Fico. Fuimos invitados por ellos, aceptamos el reto, nos calateamos, posamos y experimentamos el hecho de participar en un proyecto fuera de lo común. Aquí verán casi 30 minutos, de lo que fue realizar las fotos para la exposición de la semana del desnudo de la UPC. Desde la preparación, hasta las tomas que se lograron. Y todo esto, por amor al arte ;) Yeah!


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