Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Strip Tease 60 ans Prout Wanda - Partie 1

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COLTstudiogroup.com: Scored, Scene 6

As a houseful of guys are busy fucking and sucking in every room of the house, two hung and horny hunks, Ryan Lynch and Troy Collins find themselves side by side on the sofa with their cocks out and ready for some action.

Troy leans over and tastes a mouthful of Ryan's meaty pole. Giving slow and dedicated service, Troy gets Ryan's cock rock-hard and ready for fucking. Bent over the couch Troy offers his hot ass for the taking. Ryan slides in deep from behind and then drills that hole hard. Troy strokes his cock as his ass gets pounded. Flipping on his back Troy takes Ryan's hot cock even deeper.

Fucking that ass long and hard, Ryan pulls out in the last second and unloads a stream of hot cum. Feeling Ryan's cum as it lands on his cock and balls makes Troy jack it even harder. His cock erupts as he shoots a ball draining load.

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