Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Black Party Expo Dancers

More Black Party Expo Dancers from JoeInQueens on Vimeo.


Shaved from bart hess on Vimeo.

Bart Hess x NOWNESS Concept and Design : Bart Hess Music: Ricky van Broekhoven Model: Coen - Touchemodels

Terry is like some walking porn fantasy. A hot plumber who has a raging sex drive and a perpetually hard dick. The only problem is that he’s one hundred percent hetero and ignores any man who makes a sexual pass at him. At BreederFuckers he’s turned into the fuck toy and cock sucking slave he ought to be. Stripped, tied and gagged his body is put on display and his arsehole is roughly fingered till he squirms desperately to get away.

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Locker Room Payback Remake

Locker Room Payback Remake from QuinnCJaxon on Vimeo.

At BrutalTops, scally lad Nick and handsome chav Lukas are tough thugs with insatiable sexual appetites who really know how to use and humiliate subordinate men. Nick is enjoying a sneaky cigarette by the urinals of a sleazy public convenience. Lurking around naked on the floor is a toilet pig on the look out for some cock, piss or whatever else he can slurp up with his dirty little mouth.

Wanting to ash his cigarette, Nick pulls martin's head back and uses it's mouth as his ashtray, ordering the sub to swallow every morsel. Forgetting to thank his Master, martin gets a smack around the head and some verbal from the Top. Lukas turns up for a shit, moaning to Nick about the lack of toilet paper to wipe his ass with when he's finished. It's Lukas' lucky day, Nick volunteers using the toilet lurker martin's mouth and tongue to get his hairy ass sparkling clean after his dump.


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On a day when the sun is shining its brightest, and heat emanates from the pavement in sheets of sultry movement, seven incredibly hot men have come together with a common desire - to get WET!!

It's Samuel O'Toole, Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Campbell Stevens, Johnny Torque, Donny Wright, and Brody Wilder, all working together to beat the heat! Oh yeah, and to wash a car too. They're letting the soap suds fly as they spray, splash, rub, and slap. All this bare flesh is just the thing to get these slippery studs in the mood for a late-Summer suck and fuck fest! Follow the guys back into the pool house after the carwash to experience a super-charged, mega-orgy of bodacious bods and cock-hungry dudes. You'll see Brody face fuck Johnny while Campbell pounds Rod's tight hole. Sammy enjoys Rod's mouth as Marcus takes a firm pounding from Donny. And that's just a small taste! You won't believe the amazingly intense build up as this group of incredible guys let loose on each other, culminating in warm, sticky cum drenching for Donny!

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Nude Protest in the Castro

Nude Protest in the Castro from JoeInQueens on Vimeo.

As part of the annual Nude-In, this was a nude protest on Castro Street against the anti-nudity law that Scott Weiner is trying to take with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Nude In at the Castro from JoeInQueens on Vimeo.

Nudist Directing Traffic in the Castro from JoeInQueens on Vimeo.

Nude at the Civic Center, San Francisco from JoeInQueens on Vimeo.

Nude In at the Castro from JoeInQueens on Vimeo.

Nude at the Civic Center, San Francisco from JoeInQueens on Vimeo.

Киргизия. Прозрачные воды Западного Каракола

Стриптиз в Баттерфляе (хмельничане - RULEZ).AVI

Так отдыхает молодёжь в Хмельницком

Геническ oZone_2012

Конкурс в beach-club oZone,Стриптиз за бутылку шампанского...MC Lukas

Nude drunken swede during a cruise part 1

Орало-отжимание, огромные усилия, НО ПОЛШЕСТОГО...

Клуб ТЕХАС, Кириловка, 7 июля 2012.
MC Сначала раздел парней и заставил отжтматся над лицами девушек, а потом раздел девушек и заставил возбуждать парней. Чем кончился ЭТОТ балаган, смотрите сами.

sexmen !!!!

Гарри грязный купается(часть7)


Pauli @ kerkrade (Striptease)

Martin Mazza se desnuda en Mexico, GAYGDL (Parte 2 de 3)

Resok gana un ratón de Ozone Gaming tirandose desnudo a la piscina

Memory - Short Film

British short film.

Starring Robert Neumark Jones.
Top Up Down Bottom