Friday, October 12, 2012

After a hot night of sex Brock Cooper is late for work. Brock jumps on his motorcycle anddamn if the bike doesn't start. As Brock starts to fix his bike his thoughts turn to the nightbefore and the wild night of partying and sex. Figuring he is going to probably be fired now hejust decides to relax and rub one out. Watching his handsome face and hot body naked andjerking off is going to make you want to get naked and jerk off with him. And please do becausenothing makes Brock happier!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

Sports star Gian is known all over the world for his stunning diving skills and his trim, muscular athletic body. This swimming idol is quickly reined in when he flagrantly breaks his sponsorship contract. His clothes are stripped off him leaving him in only his tight speedos. When the men’s invasive hands slide them down to examine his asshole and weigh his balls the swimmer silently cries. He’s accustomed to being revered by everyone he meets, but here he’s reduced to a piece of meat.


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Ziemas pelde / Купание в проруби / Ice Swimming

Gay Storyline - Nos Vies Heureuses [Part 3]*English Subtitles*

Telle y Wiki - Ai se eu te pego

Dominik Receives Nude Sport Massage After Soccer Practice

Spencer Tunick-2010 Sydney Opera House Video

Spencer Tunick, the world renowned artist came to Sydney as part of the Mardi Gras 2010 festival and gathered together a few thousand people to be photographed nude on a very cold March morning at the iconic Sydney Opera House. A 'sea of human flesh' has flooded the Sydney Opera House steps as artist Spencer Tunick performs his latest nude installation. wrote the Sydney Morning Herald. More than 5000 people have gathered in front of the Sydney Opera House to be photographed nude in the name of art and diversity today.

A pregnant woman was among the first group of Australians to take their place on the steps of the Opera House just after dawn in photographer Spencer Tunick's latest installation, Mardi Gras: The Base.

Mardi Gras festival executive producer Danielle Harvey said 5200 people, including sportspeople, doctors, teachers and retirees, had lined up to take part."We were expecting 2000 or so ... we're absolutely thrilled," Ms Harvey said.

The artist said the title of today's installation, Mardi Gras: The Base, referred to the sameness of individuals, regardless of their sexual preferences.

Sanchez Get High - Pritchard v Dainton - S01E02 (16th Feb 2009) [PDTV (WMV3)].wmv

Sanchez Get High - Pritchard v Dainton - S01E02 (16th Feb 2009) [PDTV (WMV3)].wmv

Sanchez Get High - Pritchard v Dainton - S01E02 (16th Feb 2009) [PDTV (WMV3)].wmv

Sanchez Get High - Pritchard v Dainton - S01E02 (16th Feb 2009) [PDTV (WMV3)].wmv

Doors Of Perception Ethic Committee - Initiation of a shaman

Kultur der Amazonas Indianer, die während der Einweihungszeremonie des Häuptlingssohns ein Tryptaminhaltiges, stark halluzinogenes Pflanzenmaterial, getrocknet und gepulvert durch die Nase inhalieren, um auf eine innere Reise zu gehen und (in der nicht-alltägliche Wirklichkeit verborgenen) Wesen, sowie ihre Wege und Aufgaben deutlicher zu erkennen.

Diese, im Schamanismus weltweit praktizierten "Rituale der Selbst-Intoxikation" bilden die wohl ursprünglichste Form der Religion und sind die traditionelle Basis für die Meta-Kommunikation mit der Schöpfung selbst.

Unserem Archiv zur Verfügung gestellt wurde diese Aufnahme von ein Netzwerk-Kollegen (siehe Abspann) der dieses BBC Dokument aus dem Jahre 1981 mit zu verantworten hat.
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