Sunday, October 14, 2012

Worst 16th birthday present 2

Showering Naked in Public with Obama

Игромир 2010, стэнд GamersBlog, конкурс стриптиза Tools of the Trade (Scene 2)

Derek Parker doesn't appreciate Jimmy Durano calling him a dick. The hairy tattooed hunk yanks Jimmy down off a ladder, whips out his cock, and shoves it down Jimmy's throat. Jimmy shows off his skills by giving Derek one hell of a juicy-wet blow job, covering Derek's cock with gobs of gooey spit. Derek shoves Jimmy up against the wall and strips him out of his utility belt - he wants to wrap his lips around Jimmy's legendary tool. He goes down on him until Jimmy decides to show Derek who's boss so he bends him over and plows his ass hard. Derek gets on all fours allowing Jimmy to mount him and fuck him deeper. Jimmy pulls out and blows then Derek stands up and orders Jimmy to squeeze his nipples while he jacks off and shoots his load.

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Dominic Pacifico Tops Blake Daniels

Blake Daniels is helplessly tethered by his mouth in the middle of the room with a pole gag hanging from the ceiling. Dominic Pacifico comes in and takes advantage of this extremely vulnerable and hard to hold position for Blake Daniels. Dominic smacks Blake hard a couple of times and quickly discovers how easy it is to mark his territory with red marks on Blake's lilly white skin. Dominic pulls the bound jock's pants down and leaves more marks on Blake's perfectly smooth and creamy muscled butt. This excites Blake who gets an erection that he can't control. Dominic milk's the rock-hard boy dick until he milks out a perfect load!

Скачай это ВИДЕО!
Top Up Down Bottom