Monday, October 15, 2012

pissed out his tree

Laughing is Non-Negotiable Skip to 2:04 for the goods

Nice Shower Trenton Ducati & Tate Ryder

When you see the way they go at it, you just know that Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder are real life lovers. Their devouring kisses and intense cockplay in a big wooden tub is just so intimate all the while explosive. Tate knows exactly how to pleasure Trenton’s humongous meat, and Trenton’s mouth engulfs Tate’s caramel skinned whopper with slow and savory rapture. There’s no lack of mounting excitement, as the buff and brawny pair hurtle into explosions of fuck-lust. Give and take is where it’s at. Tate fingers the bigger stud’s ass and slams his sleek prick up the bigger stud’s muscle-hole, battering Trenton’s buns within an inch of his life. And then he suddenly straddles Trenton, pumping the fathomless cavern of his ass onto Trenton’s ponderous prick, and crying out, “It’s fuckin’ big!” Trenton’s manrammer pistons faster and faster from below, and suddenly they’re both sweating and sho uting and spewing up incredible loads of hot man-love. Tate sucks Trenton’s cum-shiny cock clean, and the sensation-wracked boyfriends fall in for a final kiss ’n cuddle clench.

Скачай это ВИДЕО!

Nu Hander det igen

Nu Hander det igen from They Will Never Catch Us on Vimeo.

Naked Bike Ride 2012 - part II - Flash Mob

Naked Bike Ride 2012 - part II - Flash Mob from Peabody Wormsworth on Vimeo.

Note: Part III will be available next Tuesday when Video resets my upload limit.
Note update: I decided to wait to upload the 3rd video. There are some shots in it that could use correction. It is on youtube if you really want to see it now. But I am planning on making a slightly better version to upload here. Also, this week I used up my HD upload to submit an entry into the weekly video contest. Im hoping to get a pro account so I can upload more HD then 1 per week and in 1080 format. Anyhow, hopefully the 3rd will be ready and uploaded next Tuesday (Aug 20th). Thanks for watching.

Reabastecer de Graca

Reabastecer de Graca from omaiorcicloativista on Vimeo.

World Naked Bike Ride Sao Paulo Brazil 2012
Bicicletada Pelada 2012
Sabado dia 10/mar/2012 - Praca do Ciclista - a partir das 19hrs

Whole Day Nude

Whole Day Nude from Paradise Studios Hollywood on Vimeo.

A music video by nudist for nudist. Newd is not Lewd.


Gardening from Skinny Dipper on Vimeo.


EnjoyingThePool from Skinny Dipper on Vimeo.


beach2 from Skinny Dipper on Vimeo.


beach2 from Skinny Dipper on Vimeo.


THE BOYS OF DIDIO from hunkhunter mashups on Vimeo.


WHY DONT YOU DO RIGHT from hunkhunter mashups on Vimeo.


NO LIGH NO LIGHT from hunkhunter mashups on Vimeo.

Music: Florence and The Machine - No Light No Light (Spector Ryan Goslyng Remix)


Xupamen from ignacio Galilea on Vimeo.

Italians in the showers



JULIAN / film excerpt To watch the full length film email: A cross between a road-trip in Portugal and a summer love story, shot in super 8 film. It is the junction of a poetic narrative with factual and personal elements. Julian is represented here as the “noble savage” of Rousseau: nature is his natural environment. Julian is like Adam, the embodiment of various myths created by mankind. A film by Antonio Da Silva With: Julian and Julio Voice over: Rodrigo Penalosa

sexy piss

Lenny and Carsten Lenny-Abused Scene

Amigo Caught Pissing Outside


Man of flowers 1983

Malcolm McDowell Evilenko (2004)

Чемпионат Подмосковья по ББ 2012 юно юни вет клас БФ и 90

Чемпионат Подмосковья по бодибилдингу 2012
Категории 80, юноши, юниоры, классики, ветераны и БФ
Красногорск, 13.10.2012

Голый армян))

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