Wednesday, October 24, 2012 Paddy O'Brian & Angelo Marconi

Things are getting mighty steamy in that glassed-in shower as beefy Angelo Marconi soaps up his monster cock. Blazing Paddy O’Brian rambles in with his gleaming white cock pointed straight up, and demands an exchanged frenzy of cocksucking and ass fucking that drives the passionate pair from the shower onto the deck and into the bedroom. They kiss furiously, too, lips and tongues disappearing as the men meld together. Angelo’s spit smears across his face as he downs every inch of Paddy’s immense tool. He deep throats it ‘til he gags. Paddy calls him “Greedy,” and slams Angelo’s ass like he’s gonna dynamite the gaping glory hole. Angelo takes it like the bruiser bottom he is, quivering, begging for more, holding on for the ride of his life. Sweat pours down Paddy’s body. He’s possessed, tripling the speed of his cocks depth charge in Angelo’s more than eager hole. The sheer velocity of fuck decimates Angelo, and screaming, they both explode, shooting shrapnel of cum everywhere.

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Holländer verliert Boxershorts bei EM auf Mallorca

Веселый стриптиз на даче.avi

Hetero construction worker Luis enters The Casting Room looking for big money and women to screw, but instead he’s made to strip and bare his hairy ass for the cameraman. This dumb lug strips down so his hot body can be fully examined while being filmed. He is embarrassed jerking off in front of another man but knows he won’t get any work if he doesn’t tug his big hard dick until he ejaculates.

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Solar Anus

Athey's Solar Anus (1998) draws inspiration from the excremental philosopher Georges Bataille and the erotic fetishism of Pierre Molinier. Solar Anus was shown internationally at artistic insitutions and venues, as well as being performed for camera.

The footage in this exerpt is drawn from the short film 'Solar Anus', directed by Cyril Kuhn.

Hat, quần áo: và khỏa thân tại tuần lễ thời trang London

Tại tuần lễ thời trang London trình bày một bộ sưu tập mới của người làm nón Robyn Coles và chỉ này. Mặc quần áo đó không phải là các mô hình.

The Imprint of the Grieving Body

Full Monty Best Man Wedding Dance!

Johnny doing what he does best! - Taking all his clothes off!!

High 5 to the DJ for the sexy stripper music near the end!
Top Up Down Bottom