Thursday, October 25, 2012 Wet Strokes, Scene 3

As the heat wave continues Dirk Caber emerges from the pool with rippling wet muscles and a bulging package. Cooled down and ready for some sun Dirk applies a healthy layer of suntan lotion all over his furry and muscled body. Concerned for his most sensitive body parts, Dirk lowers his suit gives his hot ass an extra thorough layer of protection, giving us a hot show to boot. Reclining back on a patio lounger Dirk turns his attention to the stiff wood busting from his tight bathing-suit. Pulling out his meaty cock he slowly milks a steady stream of sweet pre-cum. The head of his throbbing cock glistens as he gathers up dick juice for a finger-licking taste. Stripping away his suit Dirk gives in to his pleasures and fully explores his body. Spreading his legs apart Dirk exposes his fur rimmed man-hole. With his moistened fingers he explores, probing gently and spreading his hole open as his cock and balls swell with pleasure.Laying back and using both hands to clamp down hard on his nipples, Dirk’s cock pulsates, throbbing in the hot sun, just begging to be stroked. Unable to resist Dirk gives his thick cock the attention it needs. With long hard strokes, from base to tip Dirk works his man-meat. His groans get deeper and the stroking gets harder as Dirk’s cock explodes with cum. A hot white load sizzles as it erupts from his cock. Gathering up that hot load Dirk licks his fingers clean of every juicy drop of cum.

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At the experienced brand manager and coaches are certain that diving star Gian has been touching himself when he knows that to be a gold winning athlete he needs to abstain from sex. His ass is normally tightly held in his speedos and now its spread fully on show for the men to examine and penetrate. His hole is so tight the invasion makes him squirm uncontrollably with tears leaking from the corners of his eyes.

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Летнее платье / Une robe d'été

Летнее платье / Une robe d'été

Режиссёр и автор сценария: Франсуа Озон
В ролях: Себастьен Шарль, Фредерис Манжено, Люсиа Санчес
Франция, 1996

МКФ в Локарно — приз «Леопард Завтрашнего дня»
МКФ в Пантэне — приз зрительских симпатий
МКФ в Мамере, Гренобле, Женеве, Бресте, Дублине - участие
Сезар 1997: номинация

Фредерика, отдыхающего с другом в загородном кемпинге, раздражают вызывающие манеры дружка, который без стеснения пляшет во дворе под "Бэнг-бэнг". "Необязательно, чтобы все соседи знали, что на отдых приехали два педика", - резко бросает он партнеру, а затем, раздосадованный, берет велосипед и отправляется в одиночку к морю. На пляже он впервые займется любовью с девушкой, его одежду украдут, и - куда деваться? - придеться ехать домой в платье своей новой знакомой. Так, в один день получив доказательство своей гетеросексуальной состоятельности и совершив трансвеститский акт, Фредерик вернется в объятия своего друга счастливым: теперь он сам делает выбор, а не повинуется - как казалось раньше - неестественному влечению.
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