Saturday, November 3, 2012 The Massage

Boston Miles and Dylan Hauser are a real life couple that have graciously allowed us to film them in this very hot massage scene. Both are amazing men who take care of themselves physically and love showing off for a camera. From the moment Dylan begins massaging Boston, it is apparent how much these two care for each other. Boston's cock is immediately hard and Dylan waists no time deep throating all eight inches to the base sending Boston into a frenzy. Soon Boston returns the favor and then both are on top of the massage table in a 69 and deep throating each other to the hilt. Boston them moves on to eating Dylan's succulent ass making him moan in ecstasy before he fucks him doggie style. Dylan then returns the favor and fucks Boston on his back long and deep. The climax of the scene is Boston fucking Dylan again while he sucks his cock at the same time and makes Dylan shoot a huge load all over his chest. Boston then shoots perhaps one of the most intense and longest cum shots we have ever seen! The passion and intensity between thse two is amazing and we know you will agree that this is one massage you will never forget! Enjoy!

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Badé com umas pinga na cabeça ja tava pronto.3gp

Mirá el video del desnudo total de Virginia Gallardo en Show Match -

sex party.mp4


Red Hot Chili Peppers - Foxy Lady (live)

Red Hot Chili Peppers performing Jimi Hendrix's Foxy Lady in their socks; aired Winter 1992, Austin CATV Channel 10, (1986). Original line-up: AK, Flea, Hillel Slovak and Jack Irons that just rejoined. Rare.

Catholic School Girls Rule Live - Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute The Pepperoni

Quasi Stellar - Icon Skin / The Beauty Series (05-04)

Quasi Stellar - Male Study / The beauty Series (05-04)

Ann Liv Young, "Michael" (Take On Me)

A clip from Ann Liv Young's "Michael" at Dance Theater Workshop in 2005.

PHÉDRE racine / seneca _ claudia bosse / theatercombinat

racine (1677) in the ring, seneca (50) in space -- absolutism and the end of the roman republic. a boxing ring is the venue for the conflicts between state, territory, body, liberty and love. absolute proportion of racine's language versus disproportion of the bodies: all actors -- except for one -- are over 60 years of age. they act in the nude. histories of life and theatre.

racine (1677) sur le ring, sénèque (50) dans l'espace. un ring de boxe comme lieu d'exécution des conflits inextricables entre passions et intérêts politiques, corps et étatisme. la mesure absolue de la langue racinienne, l'incommensurabilité des corps. les actrices et acteurs ont - sauf une - environ soixante ans. ils sont nus. l'historie de la vie et du théâtre.

geneva 2008, salle de fauburg

concept, l'espace et mise en scène: claudia bosse, phèdre: frédéric leidgens, hippolyte: serge martin, thésée: armand deladoëy, oenone/aricie: véronique alain, théramène/ panope/ismène/extraits de sénèque: marie-eve mathey doret, production/assistanat: gaël grivet, recherches drama-turgiques/assistanat: andreas gölles, lumières: jean-michel broillet, entraînements lutte: daniel chardonnens, cours danse baroque: dora kiss, entraînements boxe: virginie van de putte, cours tango: mariella casabonne-bach, entraînements yoga: sandra piretti

Anger 2009 , nikos giavropoulos, athens riots 2009, video art

male ideal? 2004 nikos giavropoulos video art

Phil Daniels and Raymond Winstone in 'Quadrophenia' (1979), 8-10m

QUADROPHENIA : The Story Of A Generation

Quadrophenia is a 1979 British film, loosely based around the 1973 rock opera of the same name by The Who.
Director Franc Roddam has brought us an array of young British acting talents who bring back London's nineteen-sixties Mods and Rockers. Set against the soundtrack of The Who's 1973 mighty concept album "Quadrophenia", Phil Daniels plays working-class Jimmy, the drug-induced Mod, who hates his job and is misunderstood by his parents. But by night, he comes alive, with the all-nighters, his pills and his scooter-riding friends. Always on a high, life can't get any better. Then there's the Brighton scooter run, where both Mods and Rockers converge, ending in the battle of the cults on Brighton Beach. What goes up must come down, and with Jimmy's come-down, his life is turned around, and so begins his downward spiral into paranoia and isolation, and the four-faceted mindset: Quadrophenia. With its extremely realistic language, violent overtones and classic sixties soundtrack. : "We Are The Mods"

"Earth: Inferno" (Austin Osman Spare) -by Mor Navón & Julián Moguillansky

Top Up Down Bottom