Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Andrew Justice, Johnny Ryder

Handsome Andrew Justice finds sandy-haired Johnny Ryder practicing yoga on the deck one morning, and the younger bodybuilder offers to show him some preliminary moves. As he sidles in close behind to ease his buddy into position, his cock starts creeping out from under the waistband of his briefs. Easy moves turn into easy sex. Andrew knows the best move of all, and slips his raging hard-on into Johnny’s mouth. Johnny spit shines the bulging head of Andrew’s jawbreaker and swallows the long bone whole. Johnny’s sturdy body, clipped pubes and tower-of-power cock make him a dish Andrew’s compelled to devour. He goes down on Johnny’s hefty knob in a way that can’t be legal, claims the stud’s granite ass for his sole jurisdiction, and throws him a power fuck that Johnny won’t contest. His cock swells in his hand as Andrew repeatedly breaks into his deep tunnel of throbbing ass, until they’re both drenched in creamy cum.

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Classically handsome with perfect teeth, a buff body and a firm tight ass hetero Tony seems like he was made for porn. When he arrives at The Casting Room he approaches becoming a porn star with a breezy take it or leave it attitude. Tony has a really muscular toned body from his time out on the football field and pumping iron in the gym. He’s curious to expand his sexual range. His only reluctance about performing with other men is that it might destroy his social life.

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Rock God Joel and Master Toby at BrutalTops know that pathetic slutty subs thirst for any contact with their perfect masculine bodies. They get off on humiliating him by making him drink a special cocktail they make by pouring a mixture into his anus which he then has to squirt out into a martini glass. After he guzzles back the pungent concoction the controlling dominant men make the sub finish by drinking their piss. These perverted arrogant men know how to administer the most intense humiliation ever seen.

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Abstract mind

Abstract mind from Abstract Mind on Vimeo.


Hairy from Noel on Vimeo.

In my room. With myself... Hairy. Very quick short film about nudity and male eroticism
Top Up Down Bottom