Thursday, November 8, 2012 Full Load - Minute Man 40, Scene 1

Floating in the pool we find hairy muscle-man Brad Kalvo taking in some sun. Donning his dark sunglasses and tight bulging swimsuit he is the picture of rugged masculinity on full display. His hands explore his body as he strokes his pecs, tweaks his hard nipples and gropes his ample bulge. Leaning back on the edge of the pool Brad indulges in some self-satisfaction, flexing and caressing his hard muscles with a devilish grin on his lips.Turning around Brad lowers his suit, revealing his hard tight butt. Grabbing a handful of each luscious mound Brad spreads his ass cheeks invitingly, giving us a mouthwatering view of his hot and hairy manhole.Fully aroused Brad turns to face the pool with his rock hard cock in hand. His reflection off the water mirrors his perfectly sculpted body, creating an intoxicating double vision. Slowly stroking his manhood his big balls begin to swell from his excitement. His cock pulsates when he pauses, just long enough to keep himself at the edge. Resuming the stroking action Brad’s juicy dick just can’t hold back any longer. Arching his back as he erupts, Brad lets his FULL LOAD fly as jet streams of white steamy cum gush from his stiff cock.

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At Gian's punishment for disobeying his sponsors continues when the assembled men decide to drain his balls. For such a macho athlete, the unwanted fondling of his cock is a huge insult. But he knows he must keep his mouth shut or risk losing everything. He silently rages as they grope his exposed body treating him like a commodity. He's ashamed to find himself reacting to the men's caresses and when they instruct him to wank it doesn't take long before he shoots his load all over the floor - making a spectacle of himself.

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Orchid. from Bang Boom Creative on Vimeo.

Trailer SAINT FRANÇOIS D'ASSISE at the Bavarian State Opera, Munich

being high dancing with my ass out

Skiathos G-Festival July 2012 BBC Club Erotic Show

Стриптиз в клубе "TO-GO" (19.08.2012).

'The Principles of Lust' (2003), 0-4m, 55m, 91-94m



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