Friday, November 9, 2012 Fucking 101

Rod Daily and his assistant Matthew Keading have assembled to help instruct the masses with a visual guide to proper sexual technique. Going step by step, they guide you through the basics of kissing, fondling, getting a dick to go from limp to hard, oral sex, 69, as well as rimming and several different fun positions for you and your partner to try. Matthew displays particular acumen in giving blow jobs, and he almost ruins the whole lesson by making Rod cum too fast. But calmer heads momentarily prevail, which allows Rod to keep his nut for the messy reveal at the end. Stick around to see who gets sticky.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

In The Games at Brad has already had to undergo the indignity of a very thorough inspection whilst completely naked. His penis and testicles have been handled by the confident women and even his asshole has been scrutinized. The embarrassed young athlete is made to answer the female reporter's ridiculous questions whilst Gaby, Ellen and Kate conduct a pain threshold test spanking his bare ass. Brad has red cheeks and a red bum from the extreme humiliation the controlling women put him through.

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Kotiteollisuus - Jos sanon

reverso del festejante Parte I (performance por barzabal, cohen, de diego)

reverso del festejante Parte II (performance por barzabal, cohen, de diego)

пьяное купание на бухтарминском водохранилище

Vĩnh cửu cư lưu permanent residence 4.FLV

Invisible Adversaries' (1978), 12¾-13¼m, 26m, 86-88m

Shower Surprise

Top Up Down Bottom