Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ruggerbugger has amazingly revealing nude images of English rugby star Stuart Reardon! The buff sportsman usually wears a shaved head when he’s playing but in these photos he shows off a full head of thick dark hair as well as his toned tattooed body. Reardon is ripped in these photos displaying a big heavy bulge in his underwear and also showing off his tight hard ass cheeks. See more of Reardon at Ruggerbugger!

Скачай это ВИДЕО!

It's a laid-back afternoon for two friends, hanging out in the guest house. Samuel O'Toole has brought Jay Cloud here to chat and have a good time. Sammy knows Jay is always a relaxed dude who's up for pretty much anything most of the time.

Jay has a very long, strong cock, but he knows Sammy's girth is unparalleled. They're goofing around a bit, comparing each other's man meat. To get them cranked up a little, Samuel rubs the dicks together. It's definitely a treat for Jay. He's enjoyed Sammy's body for quite a while. In fact, he's taking this opportunity to get a first hand taste of Sammy's tool himself! Check out this hot guy take Samuel's rock hard erection deep. Then they move to the couch where some 69 action keeps these two sucking and thrusting. Then it's a double dick, super oily jerk session, building to one heck of an explosive conclusion!

Скачай это ВИДЕО!

Skön kille i vårt vackra Tanto i Stockholm!

Skön kille i vårt vackra Tanto i Stockholm! from Dennis Redlert on Vimeo.

JA, som ni ser lyckades jag filma en lirare som spelar dragspel och råkar vara helt naken i vårt fina Tanto i stockholm. Enjoy!


Untitled from GldnEgle on Vimeo.

Ideal & Wirklichkeit - Folge 8: "Patriotismus & Socke"

Ideal & Wirklichkeit - Folge 8: "Patriotismus & Socke" from Special Symbiosis on Vimeo.

Ideal & Wirklichkeit, die tiefgründig grindige TV-Satireshow, geht ins pompöse Finale: Sockenpatrioten beweisen in Österreichs Stadtzentren nackt ihre Liebe zum Vaterland und erklären sich zur autochtonen Minderheit. Moderator Rudi Radulnig erklärt, was Fasching mit Faschismus zu tun hat und zeigt auf, dass Antisemitismus nicht nur am Donauufer, sondern auch im Parlament traurige Realität ist. Außerdem sorgt der “literarische Moment” Dank Inlineskate-Poet Réné Tschaguntschnig für Partystimmung. Und in der “Minute des Volkes” berichtet Eva Ebner über die SS-Vergangenheit ihres Großvaters. Folge 8 – “Nationalismus & Socken” – ist ein eigenwilliger Blick in Österreichische Abgründe und die vorläufig letzte Ausgabe der vom Kunstverschmelzungskollektiv Special Symbiosis präsentierten Sendung.

Måske ku vi, A Lasse Nielsen Film

Måske ku vi, A Lasse Nielsen Film from Lasse Nielsen on Vimeo.

Saturday Night Slut at FUBAR

Saturday Night Slut at FUBAR! from jonny mcgovern on Vimeo.

Watching people...Watching people painting people

Watching people...Watching people painting people. from n9 on Vimeo.

Freedom Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

This is the trailer I created for my second photography exhibition called "Freedom". It's a collection of male nudes trying to capture those moments when you feel completely free. Thanks to the friends and strangers willing to model nude for me, some of them for the first time.

Symmetry Study #14: (re)Presentation - 5 minute excerpt

Symmetry Study #14: (re)Presentation - 5 minute excerpt from Jess Curtis/Gravity on Vimeo.

by Jess Curtis and Maria Francesca Scaroni

The Symmetry Project is a journey through perception. Two naked bodies interact through a highly structured improvisational score, constricted in a specific physical practice; that of moving symmetrically, relative to themselves or to each other. In this space of temporary “habitus”, the two bodies are constantly tuning, reformulating the perception of the self and of the other.
In the sharing of a central axis, spine, mouth, genitals, face, and anus reveal their interconnectedness and centrality in embodied experience. Limbs entangle and intertwine creating an inter-corporeal kaleidoscope of flesh. A kind of über-intimacy develops, going far beyond sexuality into a kind of communal biology, a symbiotic sensory field. Blending, merging, and then again differentiating, the two become “unfinished entities” – as Pierre Bourdieau refers to the body - improvising new habits, “perceiving the possible”.
Exploring and manipulating our perception, they reveal the body’s awkwardness, its monstrosity, its potential failure and finiteness, they create space for the possibility of the unknown, the wondrous, the ecstatic, the infinite.
Collaborating with composer/contrabassist Klaus Janek, video artist Regina Teichs, installation artist Ricarda Mieth and photographer Sven Hagolani in a variety of presentational contexts, including photo and video media, “live art” performance installations in galleries, internet, public sites and performance in theatrical contexts, Curtis and Scaroni investigate homologous movement as a lens whose distortion, and or focus, yields insight into a variety of physical, aesthetic, social, and ethical realities.


"..deeply thoughtful, entrancingly beautiful simplicity.......up close [...] is where this symbiotic ritual ought to be experienced. See it now if you can." - Rachel Howard, SF Chronicle

"Should you go and see it? Yes. Symmetry is brainy, sensuous, and asks important questions." - Rita Felciano, SF Bay Guardian

"The pair take the body at its most basic and vulnerable — naked — and transform its homely and altogether familiar form into abstractions both known and weirdly beautiful. As the dancers move, their bodies resemble pulsing, heroically fragile inkblot drawings in motion." –Ann Murphy, The Contra Costa Times

"Does nudity, as much as it liberates physically, wrap us in an emotional shroud? Where does intimacy end and exhibitionism begin?... any dance that raises such questions must be taken seriously."
- Allan Ulrich, Voice of Dance


MAGMA from La Gaîté Lyrique on Vimeo.

Extract from 'UNE LENTE INTRODUCTION' idill 09 - Preselection Boris CHARMATZ France 2007

猪元賢治 50cm

Shoveling Naked in SNOW

My insane FIANCE shoveling snow on a dare because PAUL & I didnt think HE HAS BALLS! LMFAO


The Best Of Corey Kipps


Operários protestam cantando praticamente pelado 'YMCA' na Espanha

Good Devil Net Brief - Red ILS 9-10

Good Devil Preview G-String ILS 9-10

Good Devil's Preview G-string is part of the "Preview" group, which gives you a "preview" into what's inside. Fabric has a metallic shine on the outside and a soft and comfortable feel inside. The Preview Pouch's intention is to give you enough of a sneak peak to what's being offered inside, without really showing it all off...yet!

六尺褌 rokushaku fundoshi

Malaco mijão em Balneario Camboriu


Schiele and Freud, the painted body and its inverse, the movement to be painted, passive and active reflection on the creation are the core initiators of Gergye's choreography.

Ben J. Riepe - Image 4: The White Chamber (2008)

Leonard Whiting in 'Romeo and Juliet' (1968), 90-96m

Top Up Down Bottom