Monday, November 19, 2012

Shackled and collared handsome workman Terry is kept as a naked plaything at BreederFuckers. With his arms bound behind his back he’s unable to cover himself or stop any pervy man from grabbing on his sensitive cock and tugging away. While he grimaces in disgust a man pulls on his dick until he’s very erect. Beer is spit into his open mouth. He’s ordered to suck his master’s dick and worship his boots. His arse is flogged while he laps away and he’s wanked till he cums. His sperm is snowballed back into his mouth to let him know what his own flavor tastes like.

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Dominic Sol & Bruno Knight

Dominic Sol’s bare, café-con-leche colored flesh quivers as he ferociously locks lips andtongues with tattooed, daddy Bruno Knight. Their moans echo across the brick walls as theyfeed on their sexual hunger, then Dominic drops to his knees to unzip the leather pouch ofBruno’s jock strap. The cum gutters on Bruno’s hairy abs cast shadows pointing to the fatcock that is now stretching the contours of Dominic’s mouth. Bruno rams so hard he nearlyfalls over, and his reward is the impact of Dominic’s lips against his balls as his cockvanishes into a sucking mouth. Bruno’s balls are churning, but before he grants them releasehe must satisfy the demands of Dominic’s hole. A slamming fuck with both men on theirknees sends sweat flying. Every time Bruno’s cock comes into crashing contact withDominic’s glutes, waves a pleasure cascade across Dominic’s torso. They manage to holdback for one more position before erupting in cum. Dominic shoots on his belly, eatsBruno’s load, then shoot a second time onto the floor.

Скачай это ВИДЕО!
Top Up Down Bottom