Tuesday, November 27, 2012

犬と串 case.6「愛・王子博」


Shitting on em

Shower break in

We were drunk and decided to break into the bathroom while Johnny was showering. Yet we couldn't open the door

RagingStallion.com: Max Marshall & Derek Parker

Lust, rain o’er me. Toned and tall Max Marshall can’t resist a muscular and masculine stripper, so bearded, pierced and tattooed Derek Parker is just what the doctor ordered. Max takes out his smartphone to video Derek’s pole dance, then both studs get the same idea and pop their cocks out. Max joinsDerek at the pole for a bruising lip lock, then Derek turns his attention to Max’s pole. It’s greater in diameter than the pole on the stage and it gives Derek’s jaws a hell of a workout. After punishing his throat muscles, Derek hops aboard Max’s massive hard on and punishes his sphincter with a literallap dance that leaves them both glistening with sweat. You can smell the testosterone! When Derek’s hole demands relief, they break for another make out session then resume fucking doggie style, then missionary. Max’s balls swing and slam. His pummeling thrusts become faster and shorter, signalingthat the end is near. Max’ s mammoth shoots his load across the room and Derek blows his load.

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At the new site GropingHands.com straight footballer Darren is hungry for fame even if it means getting done over by two pervy blokes. Notice how his face creases in shame over the session while he’s relentlessly mauled by the men’s hands and he desperately tries to remind himself that this is just one step towards achieving his dreams of stardom. His hairy young sporty body is exposed, groped, his tight ass is fingered and his long hard cock is jerked off.

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Bad boy rock star Joel & his roadie Toby are kicking back after the gig, sinking a few beers and looking to raise hell. Rock fan peter has been installed as their bitch for the night and he is in for the hardest session of his pathetic life.

Humiliated, gobbed on, made to wear women's panties then used by the Tops as their whore, he's made to rim sweaty ass holes, then gets stretched at both ends on their young thick cocks before being fed two delicious loads of fresh sperm which must be completely devoured or he'll be punished severely. What a lucky fucking sub!

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HighPerformanceMen.com: The Wet Cub

High Performance Men is pleased to bring you this hot little bear cub Josh Long. Since Josh told us that he loves all things outdoors, we decided to shoot him in a pool and from the moment he hit the water we knew we made the right decision. Josh has the perfect amount of body hair covering his chest and stomach, a full manly bush around his beautiful cock and plenty on his furry tight ass too! Josh waists no time in getting out of his swim trunks and as he sits along the edge of the hot-tub he works up his 7.5' cock until it is rock hard and throbbing. He then bends over to give us a nice glimpse of his hairy ass and hole before lying back on the waterfall and working his cock until it shoots a nice creamy load all over his furry stomach. Did we mention his eyes? Damn, you could get lost in them and Josh truly has matinee idol good looks mixed with a bit of bad boy sexual appeal. Enjoy!

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