Monday, December 3, 2012

002 Bum Rush, Scene 1

Heavy lifting in the gym turns into heavy petting between two shirtless studs and Michael Troy and Gabe Russell hit the weights. As Michael finishes off a heavy set of chest flies he feels a sharp pain in his shoulder. Workout buddy Gabe is right there to offer an on-the-spot rub down to help ease those hard worked muscles. Once Gabe gets his hands on Michael’s muscled body he can’t resist a full body grope. Enjoying the sensual touch Michael leans back and locks lips as Gabe reaches down his tone and tight physique.

Forgetting the weights, Michael lowers his boxer trunks as Gabe hits his knees. Michael’s uncut cock is standing fully erect as Gabe swallows him to the base, slurping and sucking every inch of that juicy dick. As good workout buddies often do, these guys take turns working over each other’s hard, rippling muscles.

Then it’s on to the glutes. Michael gets on his back and lifts his legs high and wide, exposing his hot hole for Gabe to plant his face deep in his ass. Gabe probes, licks and spits, getting that juicy butt-hole relaxed and ready for a good hard pump. Gabe slaps his hard uncut cock against that hole and plunges it in deep. The gym fills with loud manly grunting as Gabe jackhammers Michael’s hot, bubbled butt. Bent over the weight bench and then down on the mats, Michael takes a hard pounding. And once these guys have fucked themselves to the edge they go for one final pump, jacking off two steamy hot loads in an explosive finish to the workout.

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EricDeman is relentless at catching unsuspecting guys by the roadside whipping their dicks out for a piss. Here he catches some nerdy types having a quick slash when they think nobody can see them. Feel the heart-racing voyeuristic thrill with exclusive new hidden camera videos at EricDeman.

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Ruggerbugger have caught Royal Ascot jockeys completely naked on video in the changing room!

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army lads changing

No Way Out' (2008), 27m

полная жесть

Голый мужик на роликах. Спб марата 5

Mineirão pelado

Čalis Iezīme teritoriju , Dude makes his teritory :d

Viņa paskaidrojums : Es tikai iezīmeju teritoriju :D

Orinando 2


Top Up Down Bottom