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Douglas pagando mico - dodói no ovo -


My Penis and I' (TV 2005), 10m, 28-30m, 36m

RagingStallion.com: Jake Genesis & Trenton Ducati

Cock Craze, featuring: Jake Genesis & Trenton Ducati

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RodDaily.com: Phone Bone

Jay Cloud is stuck at work with nothing to do. With too much downtime this afternoon, his mind begins to wander and he starts to get a little horny, so he calls a chat line and ends up on the phone with Rod Daily. The two strangers talk each other up, both with their dicks out and only one thing on their minds. Jay slaps his dick against the phone for Rod’s enjoyment, and it becomes immediately clear these guys need to do something about their lust, so Rod decides to come visit Jay at the gym where he works. Upon arrival, both Rod & Jay are more than happy with the other one physically, and Rod shows his approval, by going down on Jay’s massive cock. With 10” of dick in his mouth, Rod deep throats and gags on Jay’s meat stick before taking his turn on his knees. Getting Rod’s dick moist and hard while he strokes his own dick, Jay is ready to fuck and Rod is DTF as well, so Rod bends over as Jay slides his hard cock inside. Rod arches his hips and sticks his ass high in the ai r for Jay’s pleasure, before rolling over and riding Jay. With his ready to burst, Rod strokes himself while he rides Jay, busting a nut as Jay pumps him from below, whereupon Jay pulls out and lets his load fly and it explodes all over his stomach in a gooey mess of satisfaction.

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At BrutalTops Derek and Guy put pig peter to work as their human toilet, dumping load after load of facial enema's over the sub, ordering him to keep his mouth open as squirting bum juice and stinky farts rain down on him from his grimy Masters.

With their bowels now cleaner than a whistle the Tops move on to ruining peter's slutty ass with a huge rubber dildo on a wooden pole, ramming it deep into the sub's gut and relentlessly fucking him with it as more stinky enemas are dumped over his face. Toilet pig peter's treat is a bellyful of his Master's hot piss, generously delivered into his willing mouth, ordered to swallow every last precious drop, or face a severe punishment.

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A happy hetero couple Sean and Judith come into doctor Adrian’s office at BreederFuckers asking for advice because Sean has been sleepwalking naked. His subconscious must be seeking something that his dull little wife can’t give him. Getting a good look at the hairy rugby player Adrian quickly prescribes bumming treatment. Sean is bent over a table with his arms tied in place so he can’t go wandering off. With his pert ass pointed out his jeans and pants are removed to show off his ripe virgin bum. The befuddled man feels something hard and sharp inserted right up his rectum. His asshole is torn into right in front of his startled wife while he pleads for the men to stop. Dave gags him with his cock teaching him how to suck it properly. The lad is overwhelmed being done at both ends and can do nothing to stop the men from unloading their semen onto him. With his face dripping with sperm he looks at his wife as he’s now been thoroughly ruined.

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La sorella di Ursula' (1978), 14m

Le sorelle Daggie e Ursula, dopo la morte del padre, si ritirano in un albergo sulla Riviera Ligure per cercare di superare il grosso momento di sconforto. Ursula risente molto della morte del padre e appare agitata e depressa. L'albergo è gestito da Roberto e da Vanessa, sua moglie. Il clima si rivela essere tutt'altro che pacifico: all'interno della pensione sono presenti loschi traffici di droga e di prostituzione. Roberto, fra l'altro, è molto geloso della moglie che lo tradisce sistematicamente. Anche Roberto, dal canto suo, tradisce Vanessa con Stella, la giovane cantante del night-club adiacente all'albergo. Dopo l'arrivo delle due sorelle, nella cittadina ligure, cominciano ad essere uccise diverse ragazze.

Green Elephant' (1999), 37-39m, 66-75m, 80m, 84-86m

Cámaras de seguridad de flores, v n 67 individuo se masturba en la via publica.

Siendo las 6,33 am del dia 11 de noviembre , llega a su casa una chica adolescente que viene de bailar , este individuo estaba merodeando en la esquina , junto a una prostituta y a escasos metros de la cámara domo de la policía metropolitana la misma que nunca ve nada , este individuo se paseaba por la esquina , cuando llega la vecina , espera en su puerta que le abran , el individuo raudo se aproxima a la chica y le comienza a hablar , nuestro operador paneaba otros eventos y cuando nuestro domo vuelve a girar , con sorpresa nos encontramos con este individuo masturbándose , en forma rápida mirando a la chica , que estaba a espaldas de el. este n.n termina y viene hacia el espiral de cámaras , le activamos el sistema acústico para llamarle la atención, y asegurarnos de que se valla ,.Camaras de seguridad de flores pones este video en forma publica , para prevención del delito, y advertir a las chicas del barrio a que entren en forma rápida y si es posible siempre llegar acompañada de alguien , ya que el barrio esta en decadencia total , lleno de prostitutas y travestís que traen , gente rara que merodea la zona sin cesar. haciendo merito a la zona roja funcionando en todo su esplendor , no solo de noche si no también de día , y en horas en que los niños se desplazan al colegio, ya que la zona tiene varios establecimientos y jardines maternales.

Pablo e a turminha na chacara pelados

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