Wednesday, December 5, 2012 Dolan Wolf & Bob Hager

Bound and gagged Dolan Wolf is lashed to the BJ studio rig where Bob Hager can easily get to his manly cock and balls. Bob has a new electrical toy and wants to test it out on Dolan's awaiting private parts. Bob screws the electrical ball crushing pad firmly on Dolan's nuts and turns up on the juice. Dolan moans louder and louder as the electricity is turned up – pain turns into pleasure as we watch these two strapping jocks go at it. The only relief Dolan gets is to suck Bob's throbbing cock.

Скачай это ВИДЕО! House Bangers 27

Joey Hard and his crew of fucking merry men are back, breaking into the house and fucking up the place. Not here to rob or pillage, their main concern is strictly to find a place to fuck and film it. So when the boys stumble upon this master suite with gigantic bed, they get straight to work on their next film. Joey Hard strips out of his clothes while Tyler and Tiger suck him off for starters. Stripping out of their clothes, their insatiable lust becomes evident, as Tiger alternates between Joey’s cock and Tyler’s ass, sucking and tonguing each alternately, much to their delight. Tyler bends Joey Hard over and begins to pump his luscious ass, while Tiger films them and Joey sucks his dick. Switching it up a bit, Joey Tiger gets in the middle, and both Hard and Tyler enter him at the same time, their dicks rubbing up against each other inside Tiger’s gaping hole. Tiger screams out in pleasure as Joey Hard pulls out and the two them cum inside Tiger’s mouth. A double penetrati on for the second coming: seems appropriate.

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New at TheCastingRoom Afonso is an intimidating hetero dude with a hard stare and confident manner. Although he’s dreamed of making porn for years he’s never actually been naked on camera. This is the first time this self-proclaimed stud has his naked body inspected on film. With his inexperience he needs to be taught how to pose his body to show it off fully. He claims many women have wanted to stick a finger up his ass but he’s never let them. Here his hole is exposed in glorious detail.


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Pierce is a handsome well-spoken gentleman that the guys at GropingHands been hungry to get our hands on for months. He was reluctant to go any further than his initial audition, but they finally convinced him to go further. His body is hard and muscular from the frequent physical training and football he plays. By the time we were finished fingering and fucking his virgin ass with a dildo he had murder in his eyes. Pierce may have found the whole experience a nightmare, but now that he's smelt the money it will be easier to convince this hot stud to do more.

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Lingerie Masculine en Dentelle

Lingerie Masculine en Dentelle from arthusetnico on Vimeo.

Nico vous montre la collection de sous-vêtements pour hommes en dentelle de chez Legging, string, boxer ou slip, la dentelle est une tendance forte de la lingerie masculine


TOTAL ANIMAL II from Grenouilles Productions on Vimeo.

" Des espèces endémiques Homo-sapiens survivent sur les toits de Poitiers."
Réalisation :
Tristan Guerlotté

Total Animal est une série de court-métrages expérimentaux actuellement en court de production.
Je travaille sur une échelle de temps très court, sur la performance et la spontanéité des acteurs.
Chaque court-métrage est une combinaison de la plasticité du corps, de la matière et celle de l'effet numérique de texture.

Tristan Guerlotté

After School Special (with the Andrew Christian Boys) UNCENSORED

After School Special (with the Andrew Christian Boys) UNCENSORED from Andrew Christian on Vimeo.



this was my last performance in Sydney Australia (Xmas 2011) at HOTROD before i left to travel OS on my world domination tour! my cock, a pool of jelly, my man and the beautiful Alexandra, a santa dress and Swoop's "Apple Eyes" - what more could an audience ask for???




Untitled from Stefano Scheda on Vimeo.


Untitled from Stefano Scheda on Vimeo.

LIKE TALKING TO A WALL - Gay video - Episode 9

LIKE TALKING TO A WALL - Gay video - Episode 9 from CITEBEUR on Vimeo.

Body Scrub

Body Scrub from Kathryn Evans on Vimeo.

Erotic show Motel Kamenec

negro mafla - dancar


Sexpoerótica 2012 - Roger ♥

Will Gonzalez in 'Amazonia: the Catherine Miles Story' (1985), 38-40m


Top Up Down Bottom