Friday, December 7, 2012 Paddy O'Brian, Kyle King

Paddy O’Brian and Kyle King are two of the most handsome, masculine guys around. And they’re really hungry to jump on each other. On the spacious deck of the house, only a couple yards from ripening vineyards, Kyle breaks away from his lip-lock with Paddy and kneels before the hunky British lord’s king size cock. It’s a real beaut, and Kyle goes at it with lascivious joy. Standing up, he bends over a bench and receives the regal scepter right up his furry asshole. Paddy doesn’t ride easy either; he seems to only know high gear and deep brutal blasts. Kyle winces and gasps, his aching asslips stretched to the max. But he never backs off, and his powerfully clenching ass revels in the merciless invasion. Paddy hawks a great glob of spit on his gleaming tool and jerks up a storm, rewarding Kyle with a full-blast facial. With his shiny cum-slick cock, he grinds his cum into Kyle’s beard, and makes the battered bottom’s own creamy load soa r high.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

In The Games at John Naylor is a top swimming athlete is called to meet with athlete official Gaby and the women from a top sportswear brand who are sponsoring him. The sportsman has been caught wearing another brand’s clothing. This is unacceptable considering the fortune they pay him to promote their product. John is quickly stripped of the offending clothing leaving the agile young hunk buck naked with his smooth swimmer’s body totally exposed in front of the women.

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BRISURE from salquebre emilie on Vimeo.

une performance de Yann Marussich 081009-ADC-Genève

The Love Theme

18+ from Rusta Kapusta on Vimeo.

Кокки — бегущий доктор (1998) 28-32m, 43-49m, 55m, 71-73m

Режиссер: Светлана Баскова
В ролях: Сергей Пахомов, Александр Маслаев, Император Вава, Алёна Мартынова, Вика Соколова, Алексей Ткаченко, Жорж Румянцев, Сергей Сальников, Костя Николаев, Олег Мавроматти

worst full monty ever

Balls and Boxers

Birthday balls

life of a drunkard

Top Up Down Bottom