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Sexual tension hangs heavy in the air inside Master Nick's prison cell; He and Warder Guy take out their frustration and pent up sexual aggression on prison slut peter. Nick demands his thick cock gets serviced in the sub's slutty mouth; Gripping peter's head he impales the sub's throat deep onto his prick making peter gag and gasp for air. Guy and Nick take turns face fucking the sub in a brutal game of 'choke the bitch'

Like a relentless tag team they ruin peter's arse and mouth, building their orgasms until they are ready to dump their precious semen; Nick scooping up the copious amounts of sperm he's just unloaded across peter's buttocks, feeding it to the undeserving sub until every last drop is devoured.

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ScaryFuckers.com: Jailhouse Cock

Santos and Rodriguez share a pretty dingy prison cell. All they really have are each other, which is more than enough! Just watch!

After sharing cigarettes, Santos reaches down for Rodriguez's pants, and whips out a larger stick to suck on. Getting a first taste, Santos can't stop and fits the whole thing in his mouth, again and again. Eager to return the favour, Rodriguez gets on his knees and takes Santos in his mouth. It's not long before they lay on the bed for a deepthroating sixty-nine.

Once he's nice and hard, Rodriguez bends Santos over and runs his tongue along Santos' asshole. Santos grips the foot of the bed tight while Rodriguez pushes his tongue in a little more, getting that hole nice and wet. "Fuck me!" begs Santos as Rodriguez keeps tossing him.

Happy to oblige, Rodriguez takes his rock-hard cock, and slams it into Santos' now wet, willing butthole. Santos moans out loud as Rodriguez squeezes his asscheek and buries his manhood deep. He fucks Santos vigorously from a few angles until it finally feels so good he has to come inside Santos. When he pulls out, Santos' worn, puckered hole is dripping with warm man juice.

Now thoroughly fucked, it's time for these inmates to take a nap... before the fucking starts again

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CodyCummings.com: Code Red

In the scarlet lit night, Joey Hard sits illuminated like the evening’s prize. Cody Cummings spies him from afar, sliding his hands across his chest and slipping them into his blue jeans as he fantasizes about what he’d do to him. Moments later, fantasy becomes reality, and Cody embraces Joey from behind, kissing him up and down his body, rubbing his full body against Joey’s soft skin. Joey takes the cue and drops to his knees, taking Cody’s cock into his mouth and running his hands up and down Cody’s quivering thighs, before reclining onto his back and letting Cody have his way with him. The temperature heats past the melting point as Cody caresses Joey’s neck, kissing him from head to toe before the spreading his legs and blasting himself with a red hot load as Joey hovers over him, shooting his own load at the sight of it, all over Cody’s sweating, glistening body.

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Hetero Artur has been fully turned into an obedient object for male pleasure at BreederFuckers. The slim muscular man is tied so he can be pervily groped by Dave. His weighty dick and balls are roughly squeezed through his trackies. While bound Artur is made to awkwardly strip himself down to enhance his embarrassment. Adrian seizes his dick wanking him and roughly fingers his tight hairy cunt. While holding him in his arms he shoves a dildo up his hole so he can fully feel the strong masculine man bucking against him. Artur is turned into a helpless beast thrashing on the dirty floor as he’s viciously screwed. He’s ordered to squeeze his own nipples and does a piss poor job of it so Adrian has to step in and wrench them so hard the bastard moans and drools piteously. His nuts are tied up so tight and weighted off so that they balloon out while he’s being fucked.

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Hombre orinando en plena calle a plena luz del día

Este sujeto no aguantaba las ganas de miccionar y por eso simplemente comenzó a excretar su orina a la vista de todo el mundo. No fue posible grabar hasta el final del acto debido a que el chico detrás de casaca azul en la bicicleta es un ladrón que al verme con la videograbadora me amenazó con un cuchillo para quitármela y por eso me vi obligado a marcharme sin pérdida de tiempo (por eso este video es tan corto, lo siento).


bố chí đánh quả lọ :))

Walking the Great Wall of China

Video on Presentation Part Six 21.04.2012



Трешующий Хиппи-Нудист

Son de mar

Año: 2001 Título de la película: Son de mar Director: Bigas Luna
Reparto: Leonor Watling, Jordi Mollà, Eduard Fernández, Sergio Caballero, Neus Angulo, Pep Cortés, Juan Muñoz, Ricky Colomer, Pablo Rivero, Carla Collado.

Sinopsis: Un día del final del verano, Ulises (Jordi Mollà) llega a una pequeña ciudad de la costa mediterránea para ser el nuevo profesor de literatura del instituto. Allí descubrirá la sensualidad del Mediterráneo a través del mar, del olor de los naranjos y de las deliciosas patatas fritas que le prepara una chica, Martina (Leonor Watling).
Ulises no puede evitar enamorarse locamente de ella. Y Martina cae hechizada por las historias que él le cuenta. Se casan y tienen un hijo, pero una madrugada que sale a pescar atunes en su pequeña barca de pesca, Ulises desaparece y es dado por muerto. Al cabo de poco tiempo, Martina se casa con Alberto Sierra (Eduard Fernández), un rico constructor local. Cuando ella se siente instalada en esa vida de lujo, Ulises reaparece porque no ha podido olvidarla.
Decidida a darle una segunda oportunidad, Martina encierra a su anterior marido en lo alto de un rascacielos sin terminar para que nadie descubra que está vivo. Es entonces cuando los encuentros entre la pareja se hacen cada vez más encendidos. Pero como en cualquier triángulo pasional, el destino deja un estrecho hueco para la felicidad.


Charlie Gets A Bum Deal

Charlie Brown loses at Darts again whilst skiing. This time the forfeit needs to be seen by all who know him.... and those that don't!
Top Up Down Bottom