Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Integra na święta !

Mugen - Que NO hacer en un hotel.

Bonito hotel de Bilbao en el que me dio por la lectura mientras fumaba un cigarro y disfrutaba de las vistas. Una noche que pasamos allí en nuestro viaje en coche hasta Francia. Seguidme en twitter: @MugenO3 [ es una o , no es un cero ] Like y sub si quereis mas estupideces. ô.o Wet Dream

What is it about water that is so sensual and sexy? Perhaps it is how it caresses our skin or it's the heat of it that envelopes us and creates that all knowing warm tingle. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure, Parker London looks amazing under water. High Performance Men is honored to share this intimate moment as Parker enters the shower and knows you are watching him. Letting the water act as a surrogate partner he is quickly aroused by the water and the fact that someone is watching him. His piercing green eyes draw you in and once your captivated there is no looking away as he shows every inch of his sculpted body. He works over his hard cock until he cannot hold back any longer and shoots an ample load all over his hard abs all the while he is looking at you and knowing he has turned you on! Enjoy...

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Jerry is a sweet innocent boy who has just moved to the big city looking to make his fortune and has come straight to The Casting Room. Naturally muscular and smooth, he has a pendulous uncut cock and tight pink asshole. He’s totally straight and shy about sexual contact with other men even though he wants to make lots of money in porn. It is so hot getting a completely unencumbered view of his sweet pink anus when he’s taught to bend over and spread his cheeks.

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It’s a busy day of pre-match training in the gym. Muscle-buds Joe Justice and Jason Visconti start their workout with Joe on his knees. Jason stands facing Joe and lowers his boxing trunks to reveal his hard-sprung cock. Nearby, Keda stops mid-workout to watch as the action unfolds right in front of him.

Joe feeds on Jason’s long and juicy, uncut cock. Watching this hot action makes Keda instantly hard. After watching Joe and Jason take turns hitting their knees for each other, Keda decides to join in on the action. As he approaches the bench with his hard dick ready for fun, Joe turns to greet him with his wide open mouth, eager for a double feeding of cock.

Joe works double time to keep these two hard cocks satisfied. As he uses his mouth on Keda’s hot cock, he turns and offers his muscled ass for Jason to pound. Jason puts that hot hole to good use, drilling his big cock deep inside. Working twice as hard, Joe gets on top and rides Jason’s hard pole as milks Keda’s throbbing cock. Soon the dick juice starts to flow. Jason shoots first, setting off a chain reaction as one by one each guy gives up a thick and creamy load, drenching the work-out bench in a bath of hot cum.

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New at GropingHands, Bobby may have the tough attitude of a straight thug, but he has the boyish face of an angel. He’s like some naïve lad we’ve lured behind a garden shed to cop a feel in exchange for cash to fund his weekend out. As an innocent 18 year old every emotion he feels registers on his face. He squirms and scrunches his face up in discomfort as he feels the first rough and experienced touch of greedy male hands. But he’s full of spunk and testosterone so can’t help himself from growing aroused being so exposed and stimulated.

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Walk for Progress (silent version)

A work in progress. This video will be made in places that I travel. Although I cannot make the video everywhere I travel, I do it when I have a few days in one area or an idea to do it at a specific place, for example, The Great Wall of China. The video is about patience, simplicity and freedom.

Entrevista con Santi Senso e Inés Blanco

Samuel pelado

Big willy piss on a door

Giant cock pisses on stingy boys door.

Bout to shower


Sexperience on Channel 4 Male STI check up

Top Up Down Bottom