Friday, December 14, 2012

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Как русские в прорубь ныряют

Вот так русские ныряют зимой

Adnan Doin Crazy Shit

Mike D'Amato Snowboards Off Roof #2

Adnan Doin Crazy Shit


"WIR WAREN EIN MANN" erzählt die fast unmögliche Liebe zwischen einem französischen Bauern und einem desertierten Wehrmachtssoldaten. Nach "JOHAN" ist dies der zweite schwuler Klassiker von Philippe Vallois.

Keep The Lights On - bande-annonce (VOSTFR)

Bande-annonce de «Keep The Lights On», de Ira Sachs. Sortie en salles le 22 août 2012.
En partenariat avec
Avant-première Yagg le 16 août 2012, à 20h30, au Gaumont Opéra Premier:
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Gangnam Style - PSY Parody (JukesyTV)

Just for some christmas festive spirit!
Oopa Gangnam Style....
Ayyyyyyyyyy sexy ladies!! The Dom (Scene 2)

Menacing Dom Trenton Ducati has James Ryder locked up in a cage; he's been a bad dog. Ducati forces Ryder to lick his boots then tugs on the young stud's puppy-tail buttplug. Ducati humiliates Ryder by ordering him to drink out of a dog bowl, chew on a leather bone, and bark like a dog. Ducati continues the dominant puppy-play by fucking his pet with the buttplug making him beg for his huge rock-hard cock. Ducati mercilessly shoves his dick all the way down Ryder's throat then strips the hot pup out of his latex gear and sucks his cock. Ducati continues to feast on the submissive hunk's cock and ass then bends him over and plows his hole. Power-top Ducati fucks the hell out of Ryder whose only concern is pleasing his master. With Ducati's cock still firmly planted in his ass Ryder pumps a load out of his own cock into his dog bowl and licks it up. Ready to cum, Ducati jacks a load all over his sub's face and chest then locks him back up in his cage until next time.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At the St Dunstan’s parents’ evening Barry is young tearaway who has been caught smoking, drinking and even spying on the girls. The teachers are determined to teach him a lesson with the support of his father Mr Turner. Barry is stripped and has his bare bottom spanked until his cheeks blush red.

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Major stud Dolan Wolf is in the middle of the room on his knees, nipples poking through his shirt and arms tied painfully up his back and to the ceiling. Jessy Ares enters fully hard with his uncut piece and tugs on Dolan's nipples until he is rock-hard as well. Jessy tears off Dolan's shirt and forces him to suck his cock. Jessy taunt's Dolan further by backing his cock just inches away, making Dolan painfully struggle against the ropes to get his mouth on the delicious hard boner in front of him.

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Danish Naturists in Frederiksberg Svimming Bath (with English subtitles)

Danish Naturists in Frederiksberg Svimming Bath (with English subtitles) from Danske Naturister on Vimeo.

A danish info-movie about naturist activities in Frederiksberg Swimming Bath, Copenhagen.


TOUCH IT from Gabriella Maiorino on Vimeo.

Choreography: Gabriella Maiorino
Dance/live music: Kayo Arruda, Layo Bulhão, Valentina Campora, César Costa and Juliana França
Set Design: Giovanni Cavalcoli
Light design: Mike van de Lagemaat
Music: Simone Giacomini
Dramaturgical advice: Suzy Blok
Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam in collaboration with NúCleo do DirCeu
Supported by: Central de Cultura/Fonds Podiumkunsten, Ministerie van Zaken
TOUCH IT is part of the Brasil Festival Amsterdam

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Classic Bodybuilders

Classic Bodybuilders from K B on Vimeo.

Black Male Bodybuilders Flexing nude

Hom-O shoot

Hom-O shoot from Christin Gangi on Vimeo.

Autoretrato (fotografía en movimiento)

Autoretrato (fotografía en movimiento) from Leniad Brecara on Vimeo.

Se trata de un plano fijo tomado en una de las playas de Fuerteventura (Corralejo) en donde me retrato en movimiento.

Love and Security

Love and Security from A.activities on Vimeo.

The KVJ Show- Kevins Behind The Scenes Naked Photo Shoot

Top Up Down Bottom