Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Naked Guys Play Rockband

Happy in the beach

Бабай шоу

Где пописал, там и уснул!!! Simple Pleasures

In a room to themselves, with nothing but pure privacy, Paul Wagner & Alexi Auclair come together. It's a meeting they've both been imagining for quite some time. Now they're positioned across the room from one another, both in underwear and scant shirts. They're engaged together in a deep, lusty gaze. Paul removes his shirt and exposes his hard cock. He strokes it while Alexi watches. When Paul feels the moment lead him, he approaches the bed where Alexi lays. He pulls down Alexi's underwear and places his mouth around Alexi's firm dick, sucking deeply. Alexi can feel all the warmth he'd known Paul would possess to give. Paul attempts to kiss Alexi, but the unfamiliarity of this first time causes Alexi to involuntarily pull slightly away. Paul senses even this subtle reaction from him.

Soon Alexi is standing over Paul, dunking his fat, throbbing dong into Paul's mouth. As he dips his legs rhythmically, Paul follows suit by bobbing on the cock with an upward thrusting head motion. Alexi can't believe this is as good as it is. You'll see how he thanks Paul by unloading his passion all over Paul's muscular chest.
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Gangster boy Ryan may have a baby face, but he’s got a tough attitude and multiple layers of clothes hiding his trim athletic body. The GropingHands guys notice dozens of feisty lads like this on the street mouthing off to strangers and taunting them with their trousers hanging low to show off their underwear. Now this thug gets stripped of his ridiculous hustler gear so his body can be displayed and groped by the men’s eager hands. When he’s fully naked and completely vulnerable the bravado drops away leaving this sexy guy more exposed than he’s ever been in his life as he’s penetrated and jerked off.

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Stocky Josh West doesn’t pay particular attention the sinuous ebony rhythms of the ripped Race Cooper, who’s bumping and grinding on the dancers’ platform. So, Race takes a more direct approach, planting his buns within grabbing distance of Josh’s face and winking his hole in welcome. Race’s white jockstrap frames his buttocks as Josh reaches out to tuck a bill under a strap. Race continues to shimmy and sway as Josh’s tongue lays claim to the hole that was offered. Josh tells Race “I’ve got something for ya,” and challenges him to find it. Race dives for the stiff meat Josh is harboring in his pants while Josh twists a nipple on his hairy barrel chest. Race practically leapfrogs onto the cock he’s been sucking for a squealing ride, freeing his cock from the pouch of his jockstrap. Josh delivers it rough, especially when he spins Race around for a standing fuck and slams him like a pneumaticdrill. Pulling up so hard on the waistband of Race’s jockstrap, Josh lifts Race off his feet. Race squirts a load while getting fucked, then leans in close to catch Josh’s “rain” in his mouth.

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Mechanic Guy has installed a pathetic, undeserving sub in his service bay to clean & detail his deliciously hairy armpits, ass crack and balls which get really hot and sweaty confined in his overalls all day. Flipping the sub over onto the bonnet of a car the Top's descend on it, hard cocks in hand they penetrate its ass and mouth, fucking it at both ends and ruining each hole in their quest for sexual pleasure.

Grabbing an oil can, Derek pours the filth over the sub's head and face. Looking sorry for himself and sobbing, the Masters laugh and revel in peter's complete humiliation, ruined at both ends and discarded like a used rag.

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Le Marié mis à nu

Le Marié mis à nu from ARCHIVES on Vimeo.

Skoonn - Girofard Bordeaux et Ours Marin proposent
: "Le Marié mis à nu"
dans le cadre de l'exposition Hétéropsies / Homophanies.
Musique de Benzene Vapours "Guitar Hero for Dummies


LUI from ARCHIVES on Vimeo.

Triple Standard


MSU 111123 SuperMartXeIbiza2011 HotMuscledDancerWithHardon

MSU 100630 TelAvivPrideParty HardStripper


Maligalig Trailer

Baidhar gouda

Baidhar gouda


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