Sunday, December 23, 2012

jackass no.2

dançando pelado na praia

Video para estrear o canal. (Filmado dia 21/12/12)
Estava filmando como foi o fim do mundo onde moro e na volta quando já tinha terminado de filmar aparece esse cara no meio do caminho kkkk.

Inside ARM UVI No. 1 - "Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye"

A short documentary about Andrew Repasky McElhinney's 2003 movie, "Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye" and its installation at the 2003 Philadelphia Live Arts and Fringe Festival. For more info visit: Jessy Ares tops Dolan Wolf

Bound Jock Dolan Wolf is helplessly tied on his back with his legs stretched wide in the air. To complicate things further his balls are also tied over the pole holding his legs up and cinched to the gag in his mouth. The slightest movement of his head causes the rope to stretch his balls further. Cocky stud Jessy Ares is delighted to find this helpless bound jock ready and waiting to get his hole worked over. Once Jessy eats him out, he then fucks Dolan and stroke's his hard pulsating cock until he makes him cum! Jessy quickly shoots his white-hot load as well!

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The SneakyPeek cameraman has captured one of the sexiest guys he’s ever seen naked! He secretly films him in an adjoining changing cubicle and records him stripping down and turning himself on. He looks at himself and strokes his dick giving himself an erection. For a pervert who likes to peep catching this stud is solid gold!

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осенняя пробежка

Купаемся в 10 градусов мороза в Киеве Hard winter swimming - Kiev

Сильные ветер и мороз не страшат людей, которые верят в свои силы. Мы вырубили прорубь, купались, закалялись, бегали по снегу и веселились. Пили чай и радовались жизни.

Здравые мероприятия: пикники, купания, чаепития, походы в баню и другие


Le Montréalais Dave St-Pierre ose la dérision la plus kitsch et le sentimentalisme le plus retors pour débusquer quelques vérités dérangeantes sur notre rapport à l'amour et à la tendresse. Il catapulte une vingtaine de danseurs dans une série de tableaux où le jeu consiste à piétiner les règles. Nus comme des vers et attifés de longues perruques blondes, les garçons sont lâchés dans la salle, tandis que les filles, en robes longues et talons hauts, hantent le bal de leurs courses éperdues.
Débordant et subversif autant que délicat et sensible, « Un peu de tendresse bordel de merde ! » nous embarque dans une expédition pleine de turbulences et de vols planés...

Male Brazilian Waxing Training Video - teaser trailer

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Nudi in bonifica- san benedetto po- onik

Bagno mattuttino

Гидропомпа Bathmate

Beto desnudo y masturbandose

bel culo italiano

Top Up Down Bottom