Tuesday, December 25, 2012

COLTstudiogroup.com: ARMOUR, Scene 1

Gagged, cuffed, collared and chained, Dolan Wolf is helpless, bound to a 4-post dungeon bed as leather-clad Wilfried Knight zeroes in on him. Wilfried treats Dolan like prey with intense eye contact, verbal taunting and lots of rough manhandling. Pulling out a key, Wilfried makes a deal with Dolan offering his release, but first he makes Dolan promise to give him “everything” he wants. Dolan hastily agrees with an eager and hungry nod. One by one, Wilfried releases Dolan from his bonds, taking what he wants before demanding Dolan to present himself down on his knees before him. Wilfried makes Dolan polish his boots with his tongue, barking his commands as Dolan readily obeys every order. “Show me that hole,” Wilfried demands as Dolan bends over spreading his furry ass for a deep probe. “Yes Sir, Thank you Sir,” Dolan says as Wilfried dominates over him. Wilfried gets rough as he mercilessly rams his large, uncut meat d own Dolan's throat, forcing him to gag down every inch of it. Ordering Dolan to get back on the bed, Wilfried takes what he wants - With his tongue and fingers Wilfried pries that beefy, jock-strapped ass wide open, preparing his hole for a punishment to come. “Thank You Sir,” Dolan moans as Wilfried drives his cock in deeper. With Dolan on his back Wilfried plows his eager hole like a true top master, drilling hard and fast, with angry thrusts that leave Dolan begging for more. Wilfried fucks hard and gives his bottom plenty of orders so that the action is just as he likes it – strong and steady. And when he has taken everything that he wants, Wilfried jacks off his load directly into Dolan’s open mouth. As Dolan takes his feeding he strokes a hefty load, spilling his thick cum as he nurses on Wilfried’s throbbing cock.

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EricDeman has hot new footage from inside a sports locker room. Stripped down the big muscular lads strut to the locker room mooning their meaty pale asses. These cheeky fellas enjoy showing off. One tucks himself between his legs and shows off his mangina for his laughing friends. See the full video and more at EricDeman.

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HighPerformanceMen.com: After The Match

Eddie Cambio

High Performance Men is pleased to bring you Eddie Cambio in this voyeuristic locker room solo performance. Eddie has been working out very hard and just completed a scrimmage match with his buddies when he comes to the locker room and notices you watching him. He loves showing off his worked out body as he slowly undresses for you revealing his ripped body. As his shorts come off you see his amazing ass framed in his jock-strap and he gives himself a nice hard smack on his hard cheek while smiling at you. He soon has his cock all worked up and straining against the jock-strap begging to be released. He lubes up his cock and gets to work on releasing a big load all over the locker room bench.

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Top Up Down Bottom