Wednesday, December 26, 2012 Hole Busters 7 (Scene 3)

Alessio Romero, the ultimate tattooed, hairy, top-man, finds Levi Madison hanging in a sling. Alessio explores Levi's puckered hole with his fingers and tongue to gauge what size dildo the young stud can handle. He chooses a long thick fake cock and begins his anal probe. The incessant assplay drives Levi wild until he begs for more. Alessio decides to put Levi to the test by grabbing the inflatable and shoving it up his ass. A few squeezes and the toy fills Levi's hole making his cock rock hard. Levi pulls out his massive meat and offers it up to Alessio's hot mouth. Alessio swallows the kid's huge dick while he works his hole with the dildo. Unable to control himself, Levi jacks a thick load of goo out of his monster-cock.

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BrutalTops Master Billy and his best man Wayne are being fitted for wedding suits by a pervy old tailor who keeps copping a feel of their athletic young bodies while pretending to be taking their inside leg measurements. Time to turn the tables on this dirty fucker. Feeding their cocks out through the fly of their suits they take turns to face fuck the sub, using their stiff cocks to choke and gag the cunt.

Sub peter was quick to caress Billy's bottom, now his face is rammed between the young groom's firm buttocks as he's ordered to lick and worship the Top's tight buds, sticking his tongue deeper and deeper into Billy and Wayne's holes as the aroused school friends stroke their hard cocks and kiss.

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Brady Jensen has a certain promise in the squared circle but he just doesn’t seem to be able to harness it and do anything useful with his talents. Coach Dean Monroe has been witnessing Brady’s efforts the last few weeks and is less than thrilled to say the least. So one afternoon, while overseeing a bit of private instruction, it occurs to Dean that what Brady really needs is to have a sense of discipline instilled into him. Brady seems willing for the extra instruction, so Dean begins to slowly undress Brady out of his practice gear, and little by little, Brady begins to loosen up and get with the program. Dean shoves Brady’s cock into his mouth and begins gagging himself with it as Brady’s dick swells. Leaning up against the punching bag, Brady then turns the tables on his coach shoving his cock deep inside his coach as the sun begins setting. Pumping him there alone the gym, Brady displays form and function that were previously missing from his re pertoire, and Coach Dean is not only impressed with Brady’s penchant to improve, but also with the giant load he gushes out all over Dean’s back.
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Brutish hetero Sean gets the treatment he so badly needs at BreederFuckers. Dave loops a rope around this tough alpha-male rugby player’s neck and ties his wrists together so every breath he takes is a struggle and he must feel every second of this treatment all the more acutely. His meaty thigh is tied up making him awkwardly hop around while Dave grabs his bollocks and ass. Sean’s agonizing bondage treatment is paired with moments of cruel tenderness where Dave holds and kisses the big brute like a lover. This hot and cold treatment is a real mind fuck for the stupid straight athlete. His meaty ass is deliciously revealed for Dave to work on. Splayed on the floor Dave ties a dildo on a stick in place so the rugger has to fuck himself or feel the lash of his cane. The slutty straight whore desperately screws himself while he moans piteously and saliva pours from his gagged mouth.

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Прорубь 2012

um homen ja nao pode FAZER COCO em paz

o nosso amigo mas que pagode


в Феодосии НК "Барон")))

IMG 0446

me playing with my dick part 2 Im putting my videos on xtube, youtube is cool, but i just see could get flagged for my explicit material on youtube. Thats cool though, I'm on xtube with my explicit shit. my username is CJKnightWalker, subscribe me , friend me ect.. everyone is welcome

Reboludo Revolution

Ensaio Os Sertões - Luta I - Março 2005

Ensaio INÉDITO dos Sertoes - A Luta parte I, no Teatro Oficina.
Cena das Caatingas
2a Expedicao

Luciana Domschke
Fransergio Araujo
Ze de Paiva
Aury Porto

Писающий Мальчик

Russian bath

In the Sayan mountains on a mountain tributaries of the Yenisei River, we have organized an impromptu Russian bath. We beat each other with birch twigs.During the rafting on the Yenisei we gladly swim in its crystal clear waters.
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