Friday, December 28, 2012

Ladies Night in Stevenage full version

willkommen in der welt der internationalen sportmodels attila

HEAT shows cock.mp4

Jonathon Heat Martinez shows cock :)

Nonfilms - Caligero

Nonfilms - Caligero from Frank Moore on Vimeo.

Recorded in the early 1980's. this video is for you who crave for a hunk!

In my own skin

In my own skin from James Graham on Vimeo.

On The Set of 1: Romance Behind the Scenes With Quinn Christopher Jaxon

On The Set of 1: Romance Behind the Scenes With Quinn Christopher Jaxon from QuinnCJaxon on Vimeo.

CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At footballer Wayne is in prime condition with a tight muscular body. But he’s only worth as much as the managers judge him to be. Pulled fresh off from the field Wayne is covered in sweat which has turned his tight white pants near transparent. Up on the table he self consciously offers up his meaty ass to be sniffed and squeezed by the pervy managers. The athlete must grit his teeth and listen as the men discuss the value of his cock and anus.

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New at The Casting Room Farley is a sexy-bodied straight-laced banker with a dirty mind. He spends all his working day in a confined office environment growing hornier every minute. On the weekends he gets to unleash his inner sexual beast and get it on in swinging clubs. This has opened him up to a lot of new experiences where he can experiment with groups and behaviour which he can’t when alone with his girlfriend in the bedroom. It’s horny to catch a city boy like this getting his freak on and taking the plunge into the unknown.

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Do it for the boys - Elias Ezequiel Photo sessions

Do it for the boys - Elias Ezequiel Photo sessions from westchile on Vimeo.



HD Freedom Walk in Barcelona

HD Freedom Walk in Barcelona - Part 1 from estaben turistico on Vimeo.

HD Freedom Walk in Barcelona Part 2 from estaben turistico on Vimeo.

Earth: Inferno (Austin Osman Spare)

Earth: Inferno (Austin Osman Spare) from juventus on Vimeo.

Jamie Wise 19/12/12

Jamie Wise 19/12/12 from Unsigned Management on Vimeo. The Handsy Man

Nubius & Xaniar

Xaniar can fix anything around the house. Plumbing, electric, or just a simple repair, he’s your man. Nubius is well aware of Xaniar’s abilities, and though he’s got a slightly different situation that needs attention, he’s hoping that Xaniar is just as adept with Nubius’ tool as he is with a wrench. Xaniar has been eyeing Nubius pipe through his opened robe, and it’s clear that Nubius didn’t call him over to hang some pictures, so Xaniar opens Nubius’ robe and inspects his toolbox. Slamming his dick against the back of his throat, Xaniar opens up his coverall to expose his rock hard dick, so Nubius disrobes completely then turns Xaniar around, perching him on the sofa where he begins to eat his waiting ass. Moistening it up and teasing it with his mouth, Nubius strokes his dick as Xaniar begs for him to put it in. So Nubius agrees and fucks Xaniar with his huge cock, sending Xaniar into ecstatic spasms of pleasure as Nubius pulls out and jizzes all over him.

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Embarrassing Bodies Testicular Cancer Check - long version

Embarrassing Bodies Testicular Cancer Check - long version from Dan Jones on Vimeo.

LORCAbaret SHOWREEL 7 minuti

LORCAbaret SHOWREEL 7 minuti from La Fabbrica dello Spettacolo on Vimeo.

La Fabbrica dello Spettacolo

six scenes and a murderer

It is throughout a visionary succession of scenes, and with expressionist vision inspired from poetries and writings from Garcìa Lorca during his trip to America in 1929.

“La Fabbrica Dello Spettacolo” works with theatrical production and various forms of art, trying to help projects born in a youthful extent and with artistic innovation, of social and alternative commitment.

Careless Whisper

Careless Whisper from David Frankovich on Vimeo.

I enter pushing a mop and bucket, which is filled with soapy water. I am wearing white. I wring out the mop and place it upside down in the bucket, with the mop head sticking up. Holding the mop and wringer lever, I dance slowly and sing "Careless Whisper" by Wham! During the second verse I fall over, spilling the soapy water all over the floor. I continue to dance and sing on the floor. When the song is over I stand up and right the mop bucket and wringer. I take off my shirt, put it in the wringer and pull the lever while looking at the audience. I give my shirt to the first person I make eye contact with to hold for me. I repeat this with my pants, then my socks. I repeat this with my underwear, but instead of giving them to someone I put them back on. I retrieve my socks and put them back on, then my pants, then my shirt.
I exit.

video documentation by Phil Bowen

PAS #24 final performance at TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary

Dancer Anton Trailer

Dancer Anton Trailer from MTK PROD on Vimeo.

Poème des Ténèbres

Poème des Ténèbres from UnderFilm on Vimeo.

Poème des Ténèbres 2011 . Starring Atlant, Romeo.

Aberlady - Particle Man

Aberlady - Particle Man from Graham Farquhar on Vimeo.

Photography: G. Farquhar Model: G. Farquhar Digital editing: G. Farquhar Location: Aberlady Nude Beach

2012.12.08 - Китаево

2012.12.22 - Купания - Руслан заключает

Le Chant de la Gazelle - extrait

Avec Le Chant de la Gazelle, le chorégraphe Faizal Zeghoudi poursuit son exploration des arcanes du désir et de l' interdit.
L être et le paraître, le masculin et le féminin, où le corps de la femme/mère devient le miroir où s écrit l' identité sociale et intime de l' homme.
Les corps nus évoluent dans un clair obscur fraternel et sensuel. La partition de Faizal Zeghoudi joue sur le trouble né de l'ambiguïté : Adam et Eve, jumeaux originels, nés de la même glaise, à la fois frère/sœur, mère/fils, amant/amante. Le visage voilé de la femme fait d'elle toutes les femmes.

Un duo de 17 mn

Chorégraphie : Faizal Zeghoudi
Interprétation : Déborah Lary, Guilhem Lasnier
Création lumière : Christophe Pitoiset
Musique : Sister Iodine

Céu :: Volmir Cordeiro | Panorama 2012

Panorama 2012 | Céu :: Volmir Cordeiro - Brasil/França
Teatro Armando Gonzaga :: 09 e 10 nov :: 20h
CAIXA Cultural -- Teatro Nelson Rodrigues :: 14 e 15 nov :: 19h

'de repente fica tudo preto de gente' em teresina

MATADOURO(Demolition Inc. + Núcleo Do Dirceu)


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