Monday, December 31, 2012

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Meztelen vakáció


Well Nourished Caucasian Male

Well nourished caucasian male is a solo performance by Tuomo Railo. He explores the basis of his dance expression. The simplified stage setting and the piano music focus the spectator's attention on Railo's motion language, its diversity and unexpectedness.

"The feeling of insecurity - fictional or real - was the starting point of my work. In my mind I had the instruction launched by the American dance entertainment format: Dance for your life! I've also examined the theory of Indian dramatic art. Natyasastra, the more than a thousand- year-old textbook of Indian dance, lists nine moods, tastes and juices (rasa) that a performance can arouse in the spectator. In my work, I have explored the bhayanaka-rasa or the horror. The oppressive mood of my work is created by the limited platform I dance on, as well as the piano music which instigates panic. A video is projected behind me and light abstractions are built on it. They are negations of Rorschah's inkblot test."

In addition to the choreography, Railo has created the sound landscape, wardrobe and the action paintings, which are shown as video projections.

Trilógia Maraton Első Trilógia - FELTÉPETT MÚLT Összegzés


Schiele and Freud, the painted body and its inverse, the movement to be painted, passive and active reflection on the creation are the core initiators of Gergye's choreography.

Jan. 01. 2012 - Season Start -Anbaden-P1500443.MOV

Hoover job


Naked cowboy midnight riding

Stripper strand bursdag

Marius' 25th birthday party and a stripper suddenly appeared
Top Up Down Bottom